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How To Be As Gorgeous As A Hollywood Star

The job of every celebrity is to look good no matter the weather, and they usually keep their secrets for the perfect look. However, some of them like sharing their secrets and that is why we have some insight in their beauty treatments.

Skin Boosting Food

Besides leading a healthy life, with plenty of healthy foods, Miranda Kerr’s deepest secret for perfect skin is coconut oil. As she uses it every day, she can guarantee you a glowing healthy skin and perfect hair, if you poured a tablespoon of this oil on your food or tea.

Coffee Grounds Exfoliation

As we managed to see in all of her movies, Halle Berry has the most perfect skin that everyone strives for. She admits that she uses coffee grounds mixed with her body wash in order to exfoliate her skin. Not only that this will leave you with a clean and smooth skin, but will also help fight cellulite and look like Halle Berry.


Maybe the toughest chunks of skin I have ever managed to maintain healthy and glowing, are my legs. That is why I am thankful to Kelly Brook and her secret to hydrated beautiful legs: bio-oil. According to her, if your skin gets very dry all the time, with this simple moisturizer your legs will shine again. So, if you are like Kelly, all for the natural cosmetics, then you should add this simple oil to your Medik8 Refine & Glow Kit, which is already filled with only the best products.

Emergency Blemish Buster

I have always wondered if celebrities get unexpected blemishes on their faces, right before the red carpet. As it turns out, they do. Usually, they would run to their specialists, but when that is not possible they need a quick solution. What they added to their usual beauty kit is an emergency Blemish Buster that can remove blemishes in no time.

Eye Masks

If you are all puffy and swollen after a long trip or flight, just like I am, then you should take Nicole Scherzinger's advice. She recommends using Bliss energizing eye masks to pep your skin up after a long flight, and always have a glowing youthful skin ready for the shoot.

Skin Rituals

I have always envied Anne Hathaway and her gorgeous flawless skin. She revealed her secret of having a perfect look, and it includes interesting rituals of using cleansers, toners and moisturizers every day. This simple routine will provide you with the picture perfect face, just like Anne’s.

Baby Sunscreen

We are all familiar with the importance of protecting the skin from the UV rays by applying sunscreen every day. However, not all creams are good, but Shakira tells us her secret of perfect and safe skin – baby sunscreen. She says it is gentle, waterproof and everyone can afford it and have a silky soft skin.


Sometimes, natural and glowing skin cannot come to you naturally, and that is why celebrities opt for some other treatments. Naomi Campbell, for example, has found her own fountain of youth called microdermabrasion. This procedure includes buffing of your skin with tiny crystals, which is actually a more advanced exfoliation.


Plastic surgeries are not much of a secret, when it comes to celebrities’ perfect looks. Lots of them have undergone various cosmetic surgeries such as face lifts or corrective surgeries in order to get the most perfect and youthful look of their skin. However, there are still plenty of them who have taken this method too far, leaving them with a rather disfigured look. This “secret” should be approached with caution, and we should all learn from celebrities’ mistakes.

Infamous Botox

Probably one of the most popular ways of maintaining a youthful glowing skin in Hollywood is Botox. This injectable treatment takes only a few minutes to be done, and every celebrity has probably done it in order to fight off the wrinkles. But, just like with surgeries, you have to be careful with Botox, too. Only opt for a treatment done by a professional, and never use too much of it, so you would not change your physical appearance, like Renée Zellweger did.

As you can see we have lots of celebrities that choose to go natural and use only viable products and treatments for their skin. However, we cannot know for sure if all these “secrets” are their only secrets and what they are doing when the cameras are off.

About Elise Morgan:

Elise is a fitness girl from Colorado. She is a health and fitness fanatic who adores hiking, long bicycle rides, paragliding and all sorts of extreme sports, after all she did spend hundreds of hours in the air. She loves writing about beauty, health, her adventures and experiences.

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