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As students, we usually found that it is too dull to study. The universal phenomenon we can see is that most of students study not because they love to but because they have to. If you only deem study as a hard task, then the process of learning will certainly become very painful. Therefore, I sum up some useful advices on how to cultivate the learning interest.

Firstly, experience the joy of success. A person who is always failure will not sense the happiness of success. If things continue in this way, people will lose his/her confidence; they would hold the idea that there is no need and no use for them to work hard. Sometimes they even deny their selves. Therefore, when began to study you can round the difficult ones, instead, starting from the simple ones. By this way, you can find some confidence in yourselves. You must bear in mind: learning is just like climbing a high mountain; you must conquer the lower one, and then overcome the higher one. When you have conquered the lower one you will be confident in yourself and then things will be easier for you.

Making yourself experience the rejoicing of study will be helpful to your improving on your interest in study.

Secondly, self-motivation. First, you should set a definite goal and then make efforts to achieve it .In addition to that, you should make self-suggestion to yourself. What's more, you should get rid of the depressions of one failure in your study. When necessary, take some appropriate actions to eliminate these negative feelings.

Thirdly, master the valid learning methods. Learning must follow the right way; otherwise it will be in vain. So learning to grasp some correct methods of study, study will not be a long haul. Naturally, you will interest in study.

Last but not the least; make a summary after one stage of learning. Through inspection, you can find your weakness and figure on some parts and then find a way to solve them. By this mean, you can gain self-satisfaction and keep an optimistic attitude and great passion in study.


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