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Prepare For Your Online Certification Test By Using Free Sample Certification Tests

By Andrew Wilson

Practicing on free online certification test samples is part of preparing for online certification. This allows examinees to simulate the actual examination environment and get a feel for what the actual test will demand.

What Sample Certification Tests Are Available?

The Internet can give you free sample certification tests for just about every exam in every field today.  There is an amazing amount of practice tests that you can take advantage of if you are interested. For example, one website for IT certification will show that there are more than 120 vendors selling more than 300 programs for which a qualified individual may obtain certification through online tests. Samples of more than a third of the tests are available but the questions are limited to around fifteen per test section instead of the 25 or more that the vendor would give.

Finding the Right Free Online Certification Test

In order to find the right tests to practice on, you need to first of all determine what the actual test will be like. Find out how many sections the test will have and how many questions there will be for each section. Then, try to determine how much time you will be given to complete the test. This way, you can select the test that most closely resembles the actual exam.

You can begin to look for the actual practice test by going to the vendor’s website if you are trying to get product related certification. If you are aiming for professional certification, explore the state’s site for the profession you are trying to get a credential in. There are countless free practice tests that you can try.

What Do Most Sample Tests Contain

Most sample tests will give you a fair idea of the real exam but they may not give you as many questions. Some sample tests will give you a few items for each section of the certification test but it will be up to you judge if all sections are represented in the samples.

A simple example of an online certification test would be the online exam for the Florida learner’s permit. The actual test will have 20 questions and the state requires that you miss no more than three. Because this test is a short one, many practice tests will provide 20 questions so it would be easy to simulate the real exam. Professional certification tests would be much longer; sample tests may not provide the same number of items. For example, a practice test may provide 15 questions for a section that would normally contain 25.

Most of the time, sample test questions will be written in the same style as the actual test. They will also have very similar content and where the tests measure skill levels, questions will be of approximately the same difficulty.

Free Product-Related Practice Tests One of the best free online certification test sources are websites that have become stations for online certification on product-related skills. These will provide both practice tests and actual tests which have been authorized by different vendors. After you have brushed up on your skills through practice tests, you can actually log in officially and take the exam.

For many products such as tank-less heaters and solar panels, online certification is advertised in hardware stores and newspapers. The availability of these tests may imply that companies believe that the more qualified technicians there are, the easier it will be to drive up sales.

Why Online Certification is Sought After

People will go for online certification whenever possible because this can lead to obtaining a credential which would bring with it a better salary and a more secure career path without needing to travel to a distant test centre. With online testing becoming more easily available, people now have more flexibility in terms of time and a chance for more thorough preparations.   

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