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How to be a Successful Working Mom against All Odds

Often, mothers find themselves in a situation when they need to choose between their work and their children. Most opt to put their careers at the backseat of their lives to take care of their child. However, usually for economic reasons, there are moms who would not to let go of their job. For this kind of setup to work, they need to learn strategies and techniques on how to be a successful working mom.

Do you want to know how to be a successful working mom yourself? Here are some working mom tips that have helped many successful career women out there:

• Ask help. It is important for working moms to accept the fact that they need help and that they cannot do everything. Consider family – your husband, older kids, or retired parents. Further, something needs to give way for this to work. It’s either some events in school are going to be missed or moms need to spend lesser time at work.

• Boost your health. Remember, working moms cannot get sick. Their health is very precious and that they need to take precautionary steps to stay healthy and robust. Most women ignore this due to lack of time for oneself. A proper diet and exercise are important elements of a healthy lifestyle.

• Make priorities clear. It is a good idea to list down the things that are needed to be done. Once done making the list, start asking which ones must be prioritized and which are the ones that can be put at the bottom of the list. Know what is the most important because this is pivotal in the succeeding decisions.

• Manage your time with precision. For working moms, time management is of the essence. If they allocate specific amount of minutes in a school meeting then they need to stick to that amount of time; nothing more nothing less. This may be very hard, but letting colleagues or those people with whom you closely work with know about your plans can tremendously help you as they adjust their schedules.

• Learn to say ‘No’. Working moms have priorities and they must always be prepared to say “no”. Always bear in mind that aside from work, kids, and chores at home, moms need to have a social life too. These are usually the mostly sacrifices aspect of their lives. Say ‘no’, but stay in the loop. Say ‘no’ when something very important need to be attended to, but say ‘yes’ to stay happy and well-connected. Saying ‘no’ includes those requests from bosses and work mates that are beyond the scope of your work.

• Get a rest and enough hours of sleep. Rest and sleep are essential to staying healthy physically and mentally. Lack of sleep can make you cranky and lose your focus. With too many responsibilities on your shoulder, you need to stay alert to get things done efficiently. You also need to beat depression that can easily set in due to sleep deprivation.

• Treat yourself to a reward. Working moms also need rest occasionally with all the work that they need to do day in and day out. What is it that can make a mom happy? Let her do what she loves most to do at least a few hours a week – seeing her high school or college girlfriends, going to a spa for a relaxing massage, a badminton match, shopping, or a few hours alone to let her be.

Successful women and mothers are not only successful because of the fact that they work hard. These women are where they are now because they know the right way on how to be a successful working mom against all odds. They know that despite the hectic schedule, they also need to think of themselves. They know that their health and happiness also matters.

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