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For an adventure tour in India, there is no dearth of places and spots to be toured and traveled around. One can easily indulge him into a number of activities on adventure tours in India. India provides variety into the tourism activities and taste in India with respect to adventure Tourism in India. There is Trekking and Skiing option in the Himalaya. Next one can indulge into splashes of water as getting into the white water rafting on the Ganges and Beas. One can have bitter as well as tour taste of Rajasthan adventure on the Camel and Jeep safaris in the deserts of Rajasthan.


Himachal is equally known for its paragliding as wells as adventure activities like rock climbing and trekking on Himalayan mountains. For water sports and scuba diving one can have best opportunities and choices at Goa and islands of Lakshadweep and Andaman. There is a lot that you can do and enjoy at India adventure tours

Among all the adventure tourism activities in India trekking expedition, rafting and kayaking is that one would find to be of great enthusiasm and thrill. The Kali River kayaking expedition is of great value and reputation for adventure enthusiasts loving to go on holiday tour of India, specifically for adventure tourism purposes and requirement.


This is an ideal kayaking experience for anyone who hardly knows anything about river rafting and kayaking. The Kali River makes a border between India and Nepal. For the ride one even can start things from Nepal and then on proceed to Indian river bed. The entire river is filled with fishes, involving the most famous, Himalayan Mahseer. Even you would be fortunate enough to enjoy and look the great wildlife in the area as there you can see the leopard, bear, elephant, monkey and about 500 different species of the birds. These river rafting expeditions are enjoyed with and in along the company of about four to twenty likeminded guys. This way even you get an opportunity to meet with and get accustomed with the group of people and friends that are as similar and likeminded as you. There it is a great spot for getting have a fun activity and enjoyment out there.


Mountain climbing is another great and loving fun activity, where, a person gets himself indulged in climbing the slanted and sloped mountains and rocks of Himalayas. Rock climbing is something very similar to mountaineering; however, here one gets rock instead of snow to climb on. In Rock climbing one gets on to a rock face merely using only hands, feet and a safety rope.


There are many famous rock climbing sites in India, as games is getting more popular in India day by day. In India rock climbing is much popular and of use in places like Dharamshala, Bharmour, Narkanda and Jispa, where Mountaineering institute has its branches. In the Uttaranchal as well there are many spots and places for rock climbing like George Everest House in Mussoorie, Buranskhanda near Dhanaulti, Phoolchatti near Rishikesh. Thus adventure sport in India is massive scope to explore as well as learn.


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