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Improve Your Home With Natural Pest Management Steps

No matter what kind of home you have you are sure to have a few pests around. Not all insects and small animals are bad to have around your home and garden. Some are quite beneficial; however, there are a number of pests that you will naturally want to get rid of such as poisonous spiders and termites. Unfortunately, many pest control chemicals are almost as bad for you as they are for the insects. In this article we will discuss some natural alternatives to improving your home by ridding it of pests the natural way.

Tip: An addition can increase the value of your home. For example, you may want to create a library that has lots of built in bookshelves, or to add a wine cellar to your basement.

One of the best ways to keep your home pest free is to be sure that you inspect it regularly. Walking around the perimeter of the home and examining the eaves, siding and foundation will reveal existing pest problems. Additionally, you should examine your cupboards, baseboards, closets, attic and basement on a regular basis to look for pests. Be on the lookout for signs of rodents and insects chewing, nesting and leaving droppings around the house. When you discover the signs, you must make a plan.

Tip: When you reroof, be sure to use a light colored or white shingle or tile. Light-colored tiles will reflect sun rays rather than absorbing them, which will decrease the amount of built-up heat in your attic.

One effective way to discourage pests is to simply make environmental changes that make the home less inviting to them. For example, if you find that pests are hiding in the backs of closets, under firewood or in other areas, naturally you will want to clear these areas. Be sure to keep piles of wood, litter and debris away from the foundation of your home. Clutter of this sort makes excellent hiding for cockroaches, spiders and mice. You should also seal off crevices and cracks with spray foam or caulking to prevent pests entering your home.

Tip: Change the air filters in your home regularly. It is healthier for breathing inside the house, but it also conserves your air conditioner and heating units.

Keep pests out of your home and garden by using a variety of plants that repel them. This is an excellent idea because you can make choices in plants that will attract beneficial insects and animals to your area while simultaneously keeping pests away. Some examples are spearmint, peppermint, rosemary, radishes, garlic, marigolds, chives and lemongrass. By mixing these types of plants in with your other plants in your garden, you can prevent insect infestation. Additionally, keeping these types of plants in flower beds around your home will help protect your home.

Tip: If you are thinking about replacing a lock, you should know that you can either replace the cylinder or the whole assembly. The cylinder represents the portion of the lock responsible for activating the lock.

Of course if you are not able to head pest infestation off at the pass, you may need to use some sort of product to help you get the numbers under control. Be sure to look for natural products that are specifically designed for the type of pest you seek to eradicate. Use all pest control products carefully and avoid over spray. In this way, you can prevent killing off beneficial insects and animals and keep yourself and your pets and loved ones safe, too.

When you approach pest control by enacting environmental changes, preventing pests from being able to enter your home and yard and using pest control products judiciously, you can control pests and around your home successfully can safely. Follow the tips presented here for the best results in improving your home by ridding it of pests.

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