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Instant Portraiture Skills From Pencil Portrait Software Download

Many people secretly wish they can sketch or draw the face of their loved ones or favourite people. For some who cannot even draw a straight line, this can be a reality with the availability of pencil portrait software download that can enable anybody to learn the tricks in portraiture. While some are pegged at a cost, many software applications are offered for free to provide information from the basic to the more complicated drawing techniques in creating realistic pencil drawing.

Top Pencil Portrait Software Download in the Web

• Portrait Professional – A photo retouching software, Portrait Professional is a good app for reshaping the face, smoothing the skin by removing unwanted facial marks. The app can be downloaded or installed with a CD using the Studio version. The software makes retouching simple as ABC and can make anyone look hot in a matter of minutes. Images that are processed using the app can easily look astonishing as celebs in fan magazines. The package comes with easy step by step instructions that are quick to learn that soon enough, your subject can be wearing the same flawless airbrush effect in their new portrait.

• AKVIS Sketch – Using AKVIS Sketch can convince anyone you have the talent to create masterful portraiture. The software can convert photographic images into pencil sketches or into its watercolour version that are nearest to the work of a human artist. Downloading the software totally gets the graphite pencil out of the picture because the software can produce exactly the same result as the standard tool can create. With some commands to follow, any pretending artist can manipulate brush strokes or apply shades and tones using different drawing techniques applicable for pencil, pastel, charcoal or watercolour. The neatest thing of all is that all works can be saved, edited and printed as many times over which is extremely impossible with real life pencil portraiture. The software comes in two versions: as a stand-alone app and as plug-in accessory to any photo editor program.

• Learn to Draw for Beginners – This is an interactive software program that makes learning how to draw fun. It has 25 drawing exercises to be used to for honing the drawing skill. Unlike other drawing software, the program monitors one’s progress by checking every art work and pointing out the areas that require polishing. Once installed, a beginner can immediately set off on the first lesson without having to purchase the standard drawing tools.

• Funny Photo Maker – The new free version 2.01 allows much creativity to flow by putting on exciting effects to any picture of choice. The photo editing program converts a lifeless photo into a gorgeous or fun image for family and friends to consider hanging on the wall. Funny Photo Maker is a simple editing program that processes a picture in two basic steps: Design and Output. There are three editing functions to choose from such as artistic, frame and face fun to add interesting features to a photo. Edited pictures can be saved in any file format to be shared or printed as often as one desires.

• PostworkShop – This software converts photos into the most realistic impression of an oil painting, watercolour or pastel drawing and pencil portrait. It can give old photographs a new lease on life using techniques in restoring them to their old glory. This free pencil portrait software download features more than 50 artistic styles to turn any photo into a professional-looking work of art. With only a few clicks, you can see the great transformation before your eyes and see the difference after your pictures are given artistic rendition even if you do not possess the talent for portraiture.

Today, pencil portrait software download makes it possible even for non-artists to create their own masterpieces without having to earn a degree in the Fine Arts. With the availability of these graphic software apps, creating a portrait is nothing but a few clicks of the computer mouse.

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