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Interior Design Is All About Light: Simple Lighting Changes That Make A Big Impact

There are too many homeowners out there that neglect the importance of lighting when they make decorating choices. Even the finest, most painstakingly assembled room isn't going to look good if it's poorly lit. The reverse is true as well; smart lighting can dramatically enhance the appeal of a room that you don't have the resources to do much else with. Here are some great lighting ideas to keep in mind the next time you do a little decorating.

Dimmer switches are a must whenever you have the opportunity to install new switches. Dimmers give you total control over the light levels in a room, allowing you to fine-tune your lighting plan for different needs. They're also a smart long-term investment. Dimmer switches add significantly to the appeal of a home for buyers, which means that installing them provides a significant bump to your home's resale value.

Tip: You have to winterize your home beginning in the fall. Weather stripping uses adhesive that will adhere more effectively when surface temperatures are warm, and you will be more comfortable installing outdoor projects before the temperature drops.

In rooms that suffer from a lack of ceiling-mounted lights, you can remedy the situation without resorting to busting up your ceiling. Experiment with ways to elevate your light sources. Try using tall torchiere lamps to provide high indirect lighting. You can also increase the impact of ordinary lamps if you raise them up by placing them on higher furniture. Getting your lights closer to your ceiling makes them more effective by allowing more light to reflect down into the room.

If you want to really fine-tune the effect your lights have on a particular room, don't overlook the possibilities available to you through colored bulbs. While you probably don't want to go with the seasonal party effect provided by bold colors, you may find that bulbs with a blush color or cooling blue ones can significantly alter a room's mood. The exact same room can be warm and comfortable or cool and relaxing depending on the color of light you get in it.

Tip: Before undertaking any major improvements around your home, make certain you consider the space required for accumulating debris. Demolition creates a mess that will need a home.

Directional lighting can be a great investment during a significant renovation. Whether you go with track lighting or directional ceiling cans, being able to point your ceiling lights in particular directions allows you to really alter the impact they have on a room. The best targets for your directional lights are fixed features like fireplaces that you know will always be focal points.

Don't neglect the decorative possibilities of your light fixtures themselves when you're buying new ones. Lights, shades and even wall switches come in many different finishes to complement any sort of decor. Try metallic finishes for a clean, modern look. You can also find metal fixtures with an antiqued finish that goes great with traditional interior decoration.

Always keep in mind that the decoration of a room isn't finished until you've given a little thought to lighting it. When you take the time to arrange your lights intelligently, you can boost the appeal of an otherwise unremarkable room or put the crowning glory on a space you've worked hard to improve. Keep this article's information in mind and make lighting a priority in your next decorating project.

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