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When it comes to online success, there is no one way through which you can achieve success. Several new trends and techniques keep emerging that enhance your efforts of bolstering your online presence. Social media marketing is one of the trends that has emerged in a big way.

If you are not utilising social media platforms to market your business, while your competitors are highly active on social outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, there is every possibility that they will outrank you on search engines as well.

Search engine optimisation is and will always be a key process in ensuring greater visibility for your business website through top ranking on SERPs. Yet, a strong presence and engaging activities on social media would assist you in maximising your brand’s popularity and image. When you combine search engine optimisation with social media marketing your brand gets greater online visibility while building long term relationships. No longer can your website rank well on SERPs by just pleasing the ranking robots. Social media marketing is a great way of building genuine links and empowering your search engine optimisation process.

If you have accounts on popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ and actively post engaging content on it then you can see its positive impact on your search engine ranking and site traffic. However, if you think that you have done your job by creating a page on Facebook (or any other popular social site), posting new status updates, gathering a modest fan following, you are not fully utilising the potential of social media. You have to use social media to promote and network your business. When 1000 people “Like” or “Follow” your fan page, you can extend your reach by 100 times, and even more if you indulge in networking. When you are marketing on social media, you can utilise search engine optimisation to your advantage, by implementing SEO services on social media. It is proven that when you publish relevant and SEO-centric social content, your website ranking, search traffic and online sales are bolstered.

When you plan to integrate SEO services in your social media marketing campaign, you have to begin with identifying the audience, understanding their behaviour, preferences and methods of sharing. Once the audience is identified, you have to define your objectives, establish a plan, create a marketing mix on different social media outlets, and measure your goals.

Marketers, PR professionals and advertisers have witnessed significant improvement in brand building by using search engine optimisation insight in a social media marketing campaign. Your sole objective of expanding your customer base and growing your business reach is possible with the help of a strategic alliance of SEO services and social media marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation involves increasing the quality, as well as the volume of traffic on a specific website. It’s about helping motivated searchers find your products and services. When combined with Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Social Media Optimisation (SMO), you have an Internet marketing plan that works in the age of digital marketing.

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