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Keeping The Integrity Of Password Security

Passwords are significant elements that can protect the integrity of an individual’s personal digital information or a company’s database. These can also effectively shun any person who may have malicious intents to gain access to the data. There are many reasons why password security needs to be kept guarded all the time. Unauthorized people who may gain access to other people’s data can use the same in illicit activities. You may even get involved in those unlawful or criminal acts without you knowing it.

When hackers crack passwords, they can be motivated by the desire to use that information they steal to make money out of it. If they misuse your account that can be your accountability even if someone else did it. To prevent yourself from getting entangled from these messy criminal cases or to prevent your or your company’s data from being stolen, you must ensure the security of your password.

If you want your password security to be strong, make them as difficult to guess as possible. There are too many dangers when your passwords are weak.

• Viruses can attack your computer and spread through the network if you have a weak password.

• Hackers can easily crack your password if it is an easy-to-guess coming from the dictionary or a number with personal importance like birthdates to gain access to a network connected to yours.

• Hackers can also use your email, directory and inbox to send illicit message to your personal contacts.

• These attackers can use your account to commit illegal activities that can drag you into the case or trouble. Anticipate this possibility to protect you from these legal impediments.

Why put yourself or your accounts into jeopardy when what you need to do is simply ensure that you have strong passwords. How do you ensure the strength of your passwords?

• Compose passwords that are long (longer than 8 characters but not over 14) that are hard to crack but easy to remember. This means using special characters (#, @, €, ?, etc.) or combining English and non-English words in small- and big-cases. A strong password must not come from a dictionary because dictionary attack, a kind of hacking technique can bombard your password with millions of dictionary words per second. No dictionary derived password can withstand such onslaught.

• Do not use your name or the name of a family and numbers that hold meanings like birthdates, anniversary dates, plate numbers, house number, etc. Do not also use names or acronyms of companies, brands or a proper noun.

• Change your passwords as often as necessary or in accordance to your company’s password policy. Change it when it is compromised or even when it is not. Make those sensitive accounts, like financial data and client database, have extra strong passwords.

• If you are having difficulty remembering all your passwords in multiple accounts, managing multiple passwords or generating new strong passwords each time one has to change it, you can use a tool called Password Manager.

• Do not keep your password written on a piece of paper or on your computer nor write the password and the username side by side. Do not share your computer or work station even if you work for the same company. Do not share your password with other people.

The importance of the password must never be underestimated. It is the key to a portal that can lead to a network of databases or massive and important information. It is important to always keep the integrity of your password. Password security is like a padlock that safeguards the entry to digital information that may hold immense value.

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