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Loft Conversion Home Improvement

Home improvement projects scare most people, but there comes a time when you will have no option but to face it. It is fantastic to have additional space in your home which you can use as a study, television room or simply an entertainment and relaxation area.

If you need additional space for any reason and you have a loft, you have a most suitable area for conversion. You can convert this wasted space into an additional bedroom for your teenager or into an office. Not only will you acquire much-needed space, but the value of your property will immediately increase.

No Alterations

You have a choice of a few conversion types and you can choose to do the job with no adjustments being made to your propertyĆ­s exterior. The only renovation will be to add windows to the loft area. This allows more air and extra light into the space. Opting for this type of conversion means that you will not have to obtain planning permission, but the area that you wish to convert needs to be of a minimum size before you are allowed to continue.

Hip to Gable

This type of conversion allows you to join two different types of roof ends. You can raise the hip end of your roof and adjoin it to the flat end gable. This conversion increases the space in your loft by increasing the headroom. You may be able to include an additional staircase with this method as well as add an additional dormer window in the back section of the property.

Dormer Conversion

Dormer loft conversions create space by offering more head room. To achieve this you need to extend the back section of your property. It is possible for you to add dormer windows to the sides as well as the front section of the property, but the windows are normally placed toward the back section of your building. The usable space in your loft will be increased considerably with this method, to the extent that you may even be able to add a balcony if you wish. It may not be necessary to obtain approved planning permission for this type of home improvement, but you must bear the size requirement terms in mind.

Full Width

This is a method that is suitable if you want to utilize as much space as possible. It allows you to convert the full width that is available in your loft. You will use the entire loft area by building up the walls of the structure. With this method you will be allowed the opportunity to add extra features such as a balcony. Doing this will increase the air and light flow in the new room. You will more than likely require planning permission for this type of conversion as sections of the roof may need to be adjusted, but you should confirm this with your builder or architect.

A loft conversion is a simple method of utilizing unused space in your home. Your best option for this type of home improvement is to contact professional builders who can aid you with your choices and all the necessary regulatory requirements.

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