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Make Mobile Marketing Work For Your Business

With millions of people owning mobile devices, online marketers are discovering that they have to adapt to mobile marketing. People are using their mobile devices to do their daily tasks that they normally would do on their full-size computers. If your business has a web presence, you should learn how to harness the power of mobile marketing to boost the profitability of your business.

First, you have to make sure that your website displays properly on hand-held devices. Ideally, your full-size website should be scalable to accommodate different screen widths. People can be surfing using their phones, readers, and iPads which all have different widths. If your website is scalable, or responsive, you would not have to design a different landing page for every width.

Tip: Mobile marketing comes down to the concept of "saying more with less" when it comes to your promotional content. Using lengthy landing and product pages, with keyword-stuffed text that goes on and on, will not work well.

You can code your website in a way that if it the width is under a certain size, then images would not display. An image that is sized for the full-size website can take up the whole screen on the mobile device. That would not look very attractive. In addition, images tend to load slowly on hand-helds. If your mobile device tries to load them all, your user would have to wait a long time. He may get discouraged and leave your site altogether. Therefore, keep your file sizes down for the best loading times.

Try to test your website on as many devices and browsers as you have access to. One way to do this is by installing device emulators on your computer. Each brand has its own emulator which you can download from the manufacturer's website. You may be able to find under "Tools for Development" or some similar marketing best practice

Tip: Money investment should be considered necessary if you want to have a decent website that works on mobile devices. It can be very difficult to make a mobile site that is easy to use and good to look at.

The phone number to your contact information should be coded in such away that if the user clicks on it, it would automatically dial your phone number. That is one of the beauties of mobile devices. Contacting your business becomes very easy.

You should send out special promotions just to your mobile users. A good way to do that is by provide a code to which your customers can text to to get an incentive. Your incentive can be a coupon code or a special discount. You should also consider including a quick response code, or a QR code, in your print ads so people can be directed to your website instantly just by scanning the code. The easier you make it for customers to get to your information, the better it is for your business.

Tip: Have your friends or coworkers test the different elements of your campaign, such as emails or ads. For even more objective input, you may want to consider paying for outside testing services.

You should think of ways to combine various online marketing strategies to work together. For example, if your business has a social media account, you can announce a special and include a code to which they can text to get a benefit. People like to access their social media accounts via their hand-held devices, so make posts that are relevant to mobile users as well as your regular users.

Mobile marketing can be a powerful way to market to consumers on the move. Learn more about it, and see your business improve.

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