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I have been asked how I would deal with the problems faced by the Russian and Ukrainian mail order bride industry and the clients, particularly in respect of scamming and playing on the empotions of male clients of international marriage agencies.

I can't.

There's only one person, or group of people, who can solve that problem: the clients.

Sadly, it is probably true that if men were not in a position where they felt they needed to do what they do - look for a Russian bride and were not then so gullible, well, then they could not be scammed or tricked, their emotional state could be kept intact.

Regulation is not the answer. Except in the form of self regulation - by the men seeking a woman who seeks to emigrate to another country through marriage. The problems are not of bad agencies, bad agencies are just a symptom of bad/weak/damaged/lazy/greedy/dishonest men willing to spend excessive money in order to get what they want.

Some have suggested that I would come up with the idea that all guys should stay at home and marry women from their peer group. They are wrong, but for sure it would solve the problem of dishonesty in this aspect of the business. But this does not make the problem go away.

If you look on the internet you will see more than enough tales of plenty of dishonest marriage agencies and brokers in the US. The folk involved are the same - want more than they are 'entitled to' and people who will seek to profit from them.

It has been said many times by people that if you can't do it (manage a romantic relationship) at home then you can't expect to do it anywhere else. In the end, how much of the pain that goes with agency dishonesty would go away if guys simply had the relationship tools to be able to assess the situation and the self confidence to know their own worth? And if they had those attributes do you think they would be looking at Mail Order Bride porn? Of course they would not they'd be out there dating and building relationships with attractive women in thier own communities!

Does a normal person need an agency to find a wife?
Does he need to use a catalogue?

If we were not in a position to need to use these artificial nethods then we would not be in a position to be affected by them. If we then choose to use them, for whatever reason, the chances that we could be defrauded would slide toward zero.

So guys, the solution to the problem is in your hands. Learn to be discriminating, learn your own worth and always, always look the gift horse in the mouth. Whenever I read or hear a guy saying 'I did so much better than I could at home' or similar phrases, I know he does not, in one way or another, yet know the truth of his situation.

Just remember this is a business, you need to approach it in a businesslike manner and in doing so you are secure against most of the bad things that can happen.

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