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Nurturing Customer Relationships Using Mobile Marketing Tactics

Only a handful of big businesses have figured out that life cycle marketing is an effective tool to market to existing customers, based on a current developed relationship. That high quality relationship is more relevant than potential customers, who will only continue to subscribe or connect to the business if they truly enjoy what is being done for them through the process.
What this means for the marketer, is that they are hurting themselves that they stop adding value to their existing customers once they have signed up and began paying for the service. The effort to make the relationship between the customer and the company its most beneficial requires extensive communication.

However, it is important to understand that a customer who is potentially about to leave, should be handled differently than a loyal one. There are six effective mobile tactics that work in keeping connected with a loyal customer, in an effort to maintain that loyalty over time. These include:
Sending Text Reminders

Tip: Focus first on building a customer base and securing their numbers for your database. Refrain mindlessly adding phone numbers in your marketing database.

Part of the strategy for mobile marketing should include sending out specific text to loyal customers in an effort to keep the company brand in the front of their mind. The text should be used as a spur to gain access to a special promotional or information about new product updates and additional information.

Taking Polls and Surveys

Tip: Focus on understanding your customers. Your mobile marketing ads should be designed based on what your target demographic likes to read and see.

Offering polls and taking surveys is an ideal way to garner feedback from your loyal customers. You can quickly send them a poll, or allow them to respond instantly using their smart phones and cell phones. Additionally, these types of actions allow you to get to know your customers much better. In the end, they will feel appreciated that you are asking specifically for their unique feedback. Again, this helps support the company brand while building highly effective rapport with loyal customers.

Offering Sweepstakes

Tip: Spending money to create a successful mobile website is worth the investment, because it will optimize your site for a variety of mobile devices. It can be very difficult to make a mobile site that is easy to use and good to look at.

Everybody enjoys getting something for nothing. Recognize that a sweepstakes is an ideal chance for your loyal customers to when something significant value. It might be having a first look of a product preview, or something behind the scenes that is exclusive just for them. It provides the ideal avenue for telling the company story in a unique way.

Pushing Notifications

Tip: A standalone platform for mobile devices needs to have a home base. Your mobile marketing efforts should be directed at pushing people toward your home base, or helping them keep in touch with those already familiar with your home base.

Utilize geo-location technology of your customer base smart phones to send or push notifications based on their location. When the system understands that the customer is close to your store, and ready to make a purchase, push the notification that they get a free coupon, or discount and are only steps away from the sale.
Social Integration

Take full advantage of all the major social networks when developing an effective mobile campaign. Through social integration, you can allow your loyal base to discuss their relationship and experience with the business, in a variety of ways including sharing, posting and tweeting.

Maintaining records on how many loyal customers respond to the sent messages, and exactly how much they are spending on average will help determine the best return on investment of a mobile strategy.

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