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When moving into a first or new home we all want stylish but inexpensive furniture that fits with the décor and looks good. Quality wood pieces can be bought from most do-it-yourself and home furnishing stores, the cheapest are flat-packed and simple to put together once you get it home. Assembled furniture is often a mix of solid and real wood veneers and can be of a very good standard with attractive wood patterns and finishes.

If you have the money then you should invest in solid wood pieces rather than those that use veneers as they are known for their durability, and look twice as good as other options, even improving with age. The choice of grains and colours in natural wood is wide and all styles can be catered for, whether you like the rustic farmers look or a stylish sleek design then this is the way to go.

Buying solid wood for your furniture needs also makes financial sense as it never devalues in price, if anything it will become an antique and rise in value over the years. It can be passed down through the family as an heirloom and look just as good, even better, as when first purchased.

There are many types of woods used to manufacture dining tables and other items and the most popular species tend to be Oak, Pine, Cherry, and Maple. Each is different in their colouring and grain as well as in hardness; all these factors are what determines the price, the more exotic the wood and the harder to find, the more expensive it will be.

Hardwoods usually offer greater strength and stability, oak is one that has been popular for centuries for furniture and timber constructions. An oak tree has a personality all of its own and each has a different marking so they are truly unique. Studying the grain pattern on the trunk tells of how many years it has been around, each year a new ring is formed. The rings and rays patterns are distinctive for each species too.

You can find oaks all over the world, in almost every part of the United States and all over the UK, and they can live for hundreds of years, the oldest in the UK is said to be 800 years old and has a massive 42-foot girthed frame!

Grown in the US, Canada, and Europe, oak is frequently used for better-quality, long-lasting furniture as it is a particularly hard and heavy wood with a striking open-grain. There are two main varieties commonly used, red and white oak, red is more popular as it's readily available and has a pinkish cast that looks great on stained furniture.

When choosing a piece of furniture for your home, like dressers and buffet hutch benches, you should look out for certain details, as it is these that will set it apart from anything you can buy at the local home store. One important element is how the piece is joined together; the best pieces will use a technique called dove tail type construction whereby the wood is woven together like interlocked fingers to offer a very high level of strength and hardiness over a long period of time.

It is actually illegal to harvest some types of wood so if you are considering buying a piece of furniture and understand it to be rare then always check it out before purchasing. Look online for the information you need, or ask the manufacturer for details in order to ensure it's harvested in ethical ways.

Buy oak dining sets online and it arrives fully assembled and within a few days! Delivery is generally free nationwide and prices low, check out hand-crafted, high-quality hardwood furniture companies and you'll find all kinds of beautiful pieces to tempt you.

David works at Oak Furniture Solutions, a leading UK supplier of oak and pine furniture which are available at amazing prices. Find all kinds of solid oak furniture ranging from benches, beds to 10 seater tables and bookcases. At Oak Furniture Solutions, we aim to deliver your new furniture to your home or home office as speedily as possible with huge quantities held in our warehouse so that we can deliver quickly. All the furniture available is manufactured to exceptional standards and provides a beautiful and natural finish to any room in your house. Our dining tables and chair sets are available in numerous sizes and types of wood to flatter a many different types of décor. If you are looking for furniture which is practical and high quality, maybe our assortment of dressers and buffet hutch is the alternative for you. We offer dressers in multiple wood types and tones and some of which are finished in a durable lacquer, adding a fresh, clean look to a kitchen in any house.

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