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Parents, Don’t Ever Think Of Giving Your Sons These Christmas Gifts For Boys

Christmas is best remembered as the charmed days of family reunions and gift giving. Parents spend so much time and money finding the best Christmas gifts for each member of the family especially for boys who particularly love to receive the latest in the toy department. With the influx of a variety of playthings in the market, parents must exert much effort in determining which Christmas gifts for boys are most apt for the young males in the family.

Christmas shopping usually involves rush decisions even if a gift list has been prepared months before the D-day. Parents tend to forget so many things while at the same time add up more items to the gift list. These last minute changes often bring about disastrous results when parents give tasteless and unsuitable Christmas gifts for boys. To avoid this from happening, let us take a look at some boys’ toys that parents must avoid giving on Christmas day.

Weapons of War and Violence

Children are easily influenced by what they see around them, especially if they happen to see them every day. Things they see from their parents and friends, what they watch on television or films, and what they read from books and comics are the things that they can easily imbibe as normal part of a person’s life. The violence they see in any of these resources may lead them to act them out when playing. Parents who give toy weapons to their boys do not realize the implication that their thoughtful ways can lead to something serious and mar their otherwise joyful Christmas celebration. Watching too much violence on television can give the children the idea to use their toy guns or knives in simulating the act of killing or causing harm to others. Parents must never include these toys that mimic war and destruction. Parents must also never consider as Christmas gifts for boys those video games that promote fighting as well as magazines or comics that hail action heroes who eat bullets for a living.

Anti-Racial Toys

Parents must be the first to teach their children to respect diversity. However, parents are not doing their role on this aspect if they give anti-racial toys to their boys this Christmas. Avoid toys that use black people as shooting targets or mechanical toys that throws black men off a mule and being trampled on every time the man fails to get a coin. Although these toys evoke fun, they display violence and racism against blacks. Children can only learn to be culturally sensitive when parents do not give them something that advocates inequality and disrespect for other race, religion, gender, and even physical disabilities.

Loud Noise Machines

These toys are the best candidates for noise pollution. Young boys may have fun playing with these monster vehicles but the extreme obnoxious sounds they produce can drive parents to insanity and completely rued for having purchase a Christmas noise machine. The many buttons for sounds enable the child to mix the most loathsome metal tunes repeatedly until parents secretly find ways to disconnect the wires to stop the machine from producing the ear-piercing sound.

Let your boys remember Christmas from their childhood not only as a memorable occasion to be with the family but also as the start of their learning process to become better adults in the future. Times have changed when all toys are meant to give wholesome fun. Parents are sometimes at a lost in making a choice when confronted with strange gizmos. Perhaps when concerned parents join hands in declaring war against toys that are offensive and inappropriate for young boys, manufacturers are soon going to pull them from shelves to give way to those kinds of toys that are harmless and psychologically fit for children.

In the spirit of Christmas, parents can make gift-giving truly meaningful by staying away from horrible toys and make sure that the adorable little misters lay their hands on the most appropriate Christmas gifts for boys this season.

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