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Search engine optimisation is and will always be the most reliable method of enhancing a website’s visibility on the Internet. Yet, there are many times when you need instant attention of your prospects and customers, for which SEO services are not the ideal thing to do. Some of the circumstances when you need immediate results include recent launch of the website, addition to the product line, special offers for limited period etc. Allthese situations call for an effective pay per click advertisement that takes your website on top of the SERP without having to invest in SEO services.

The term “pay” in pay per click service often baffles people who believe that they will have to pay a huge price for the service even when there is no actual benefit from the ad. However, this is merely a myth. The experts in pay per click advertising know how to create a successful ad copy after doing extensive keyword research and optimising the landing pages. Contrary to the myth that PPC service costs more, it is actually a cost-effective way of getting instant visibility on the net, if properly utilised. It has low setup cost and you can easily track the return on your investment.

SEO services are always beneficial for a website’s visibility in the long run; however, when it comes to short term results they might fail to bring the desired results. This is so primarily because of the high competition on the search engines for particular keywords. In PPC, you have to bid for the keywords and the SERP position, so there is less effort in getting to the desired position.

Some of the major players in PPC advertising are Google AdWords, Yahoo, and Microsoft adCenter. There are numerous benefits of pay per click that cannot be enjoyed in search engine optimisation.

They are as follows:
  • Huge results at small initial investment - There is a small initial fee that you need to pay for setting up an account for PPC advertising. Besides that the search engines don’t charge anything for placing your PPC ad. The only time you have to pay is when someone actually clicks on your ad. So as long as you are getting the results, you surely wouldn’t mind paying a relatively small amount of money for that.
  • Flexibility in budget – If you own a small business yet want to spread the word about your business and product offerings through the search engines, PPC can still prove to be helpful. Limited budget cannot stop you from setting up your own PPC campaign because its cost is entirely in your hands. Depending on how aggressive you want your ad to be, and what your sales goals are, you can set your budget like that.
  • Takes your business to a higher pedestal where you can compete with even the most established businesses – In traditional forms of advertising, the audience can easily distinguish between an established brand and a new brand, primarily because of the quality of the campaign. However, in pay per click, even a small business enterprise can compete with established companies, and even beat them at one point.
  • The performance of the PPC ad can be tracked easily and instantly – It is easy to track the success or failure of the keywords or phrases you choose, and how much traffic does your ad brings in. This real-time tracking allows you to make all the necessary amendments in the ad copy and keywords in order to ensure much better results.
  • Geo-targeting- Through PPC service, you can target specific geographical locations. If your business is located in India but caters to the audience in Australia, you can set up the ad copy accordingly and target that particular location. This way you can get quality traffic to your site.
  • Local exposure- Here again, if you want to only target the local market, PPC can prove to be a great help for your business enhancing your local visibility. This way you can beat your competition more effectively.
  • Great way to announce special offers- If you have a seasonal sale going on, or have redesigned your website, or you simply want to introduce your new product line, PPC can again prove to be highly beneficial. You need not invest in rigorous SEO services to bring your site on top so that people can see what new you have to offer to them. By simply investing in a user-friendly and engaging pay per click ad, you can make the announcements quickly and effectively in a short period of time.

These are some of the many benefits that you can avail from pay per click service. Blending it with your SEO services ensures short term as well as long term Internet dominance.

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