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You thought about it, dreamed about it, talked about it and now you decide that you are going to make it happen. You are going to get a swimming pool for your family. Now what? Which Pool builders are you going to invite to bid on your special project?


A swimming pool is a big investment and you must spend a lot of time researching local pool builders to ensure that you are choosing the right one for your project. The first thing that you should ask is if the pool builders have a state issued contractor’s license specifically for swimming pool construction.


You can also check this information online by going to your state contractor’s board’s website. Here you can also check to see if the pool builders have any violations or infractions, and if so, how were they resolved. If you don’t feel comfortable about the information that you found, you should not go any further.


Next, you need to get proof that the pool builders have both general liability insurance and workmen’s compensation insurance. One of the reasons for hiring a professional is that there is a lot of liability when workers are doing major construction in your yard. Many pool builders will hire subcontractors to work on various phases of your pool. Although you have signed a contract with one of the pool builders, their subcontractors may not have insurance.


A general liability policy will cover all workers in your yard, protecting you from personal liability and hardship such as lawsuits, should someone get hurt in your yard. As mentioned, you will also need to make sure that the pool builders have workmen’s compensation insurance. This insurance covers any loss of income for the workers should anyone get injured working on your pool and takes the liability away from you.


After you are assured that the pool builders have a valid contractor’s licenses and sufficient insurance, you need to ask them for referrals from other clients. If they are a reputable contractor, they should have a long list of people that you can contact and talk about their experience. Good contractors are proud of their work and will encourage you to not only call their previous customers, but also take you to jobs that they have completed and show you the quality of their work.


Talk to the homeowners and ask about their experience and ask them why they choose this contractor out of all the pool builders that they interviewed and invited to bid on their swimming pool project. Ask them if they met your expectations, what was the process like, did they promise anything that they did not deliver on and if their workers were professional, neat and courteous. You will be surprised at how honest they will be and will be happy to share their swimming pool building experience with you.


Lastly, do not make a decision on price alone. Quite often the low cost pool builders are cutting corners or adding costs on once you have signed a contract. A swimming pool is a major, permanent structure in your yard. You need to get the best value, which is usually not the lowest price.


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