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With the changing pace of technology, the lettings industry has changed hugely from the days of collecting rent door to door to now receiving online transactions. It's now easier for landlords to get their payments on time and similarly further payments are made to contractors etc. with ease. Not only this, the chance of losing cheques is greatly reduced. Handling the day to day work and online transactions for a small or start up business is fine but when it comes to expanding the business manual processing puts you at a great disadvantage. In such cases you will be researching the Property management softwareresidential lettings, accounts and property management. available in the market. At TBL We have come up with the complete solution “PropCo Enterprise”-software specialising in

This Property management software delivers some unique and outstanding features giving you complete control of your property portfolio:

Residential Property Lettings

• Marketing

• Property Maintenance

• Client Accounting

• Document Management

• Work flow Automation

The enhanced features of PropCo Enterprise that make it the best in the UK include:

• System Structure

• Multiple client account

• Receiving rent/ fees and payments etc

• Access data

• Marketing

• Property

• Landlord's

• Contractor's

• Data Conversion

This property management software PropCo Enterprise has the flexibility to cater for the needs of both multi user and single user letting agents, from large to small. PropCo Enterprise takes care of the entire letting cycle of a tenancy starting right from the applicant matching to the tenant booking to maintenance of the property contractors, if needed with customer satisfaction as the main focus.

Along with the core Property management software, PropCo Enterprise from TBL also offers PropCo Web which delivers a robust web presence showcasing the products and services of our clients. When PropCo web is integrated with PropCo Enterprise further features such as Landlord and Tenant Portal, Interactive mapping etc. can be delivered making the product available to applicants easily and grabbing the opportunity to convert them into tenants!

Coming to our Client base, we have a long list of clients throughout the UK. The largest clients that we currently have are Countrywide Residential Lettings who have selected our property management software after a rigorous tender process.

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