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Reasons For A Boyfriend Break Up

Have you had a boyfriend break up? Maybe you were the one calling it quits. Or, perhaps he dumped you. Maybe it was a so called “mutual decision.” In any case, sometimes a boyfriend break up is devastating.

There are many reasons for a boyfriend break up. I’m going to look at three in this article.

The first reason is that he cheated on you. You need to be very clear in your mind what cheating means. Does that mean that he actually went out on a date with another girl? Does it mean that he was making out with her at a party? Does it mean that he danced with another girl? Does it mean that he simply looked at one? Defining what you mean by cheating can be very important.

If you have never had a talk about what “exclusiveness” in your relationship means, he may have had no idea that you would consider what he did cheating. He may even be stunned that you would consider a boyfriend break up over that!

If you want to take him back, then you need to have a talk about expectations. If he can agree to the expressed rules, you can get back together. If they’re not something he can live with, then you are better off without him in the long run.

Another reason for a boyfriend break up is that you move in different places. Sometimes this happens in a physical sense. For instance, your family moves to another state or you and he go to colleges in different locations. Most relationships cannot survive a great distance in geography and the break up may be mutual, but still painful.

Other times this happens because you start to move in different social spheres in the same place. You may join the cheerleading squad and he’s not comfortable with your new friends, for instance. Or, he gets serious about a religious preference that you have no interest in. When this happens, it is just time to move on.

Finally, a boyfriend break up can occur when you need a different kind of lifestyle. You may just be tired of having to cater to a boy’s needs ahead of your own, for instance. Or, you may be bored with him. He may have seemed glamorous and exciting at first, but now he’s just a pain. You may have thought you needed a boyfriend because all of your other friends were pairing up, but now you realize that you need your own space and are not ready for a relationship.

In this case, the guy may agree with you or he may try to win you back. But, make sure you put your own needs first.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of other guys out there who are eager to have a girl like you, so there’s no need to have a relationship that isn’t working for you. Although it may hurt at first, you will survive a boyfriend break up.

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