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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the method used to increase the volume and quality of traffic to a website through 'organic' search results as opposed to 'paid for advertising'. The benefits of SEO over SEM include greater perceived authority of your business and website and unpaid visitors to your website.

The higher your site is ranked in search engine results for targeted search terms, the more visible your website becomes and the more free traffic your website receives.

Geographically Targeted SEO

A geographically targeted Search Engine Optimization Strategy is a must for your website if your business wishes to target national or local clients. Through the careful use of Meta-tags, copywriting and link building amongst many other methods, your website becomes far more attractive and visible to local search engines such as Google UK, Yahoo! UK & Ireland and Bing UK.

Note: The effectiveness of Meta-tags on page ranking is diminishing, with Google, Yahoo! and Bing all denying their influence. However, Meta tags can be useful in ways other than ranking, for instance providing a targeted description that can be shown in search results.
Strategic use of copy writing and Meta tags targets specific search terms or keywords that your potential clients type in to search engines such as Google to find businesses like yours. Examples of targeted keywords may be:

  • Cheap flights
  • Oak furniture for sale
  • London hotels
  • Audio Visual Equipment

Businesses offering the above services and products will benefit from reaching potential clients within the whole UK, even if with the example of 'Oak furniture for sale' the company may have an established local business.

Targeting these keywords within the content of your website makes your website far more likely to be listed in the results shown when users type these terms into search engines.

Of course copy writing is only one aspect of Search Engine Optimization; Google for example uses 200 considerations within its search algorithm to rank the importance of web pages in its search results. To make matters even more complicated, Google changes its search algorithm daily.

As SEO specialists we ensure that we are constantly ahead of the game and that your website benefits from our expertise. Our Search Engine Optimization Service will ensure that your website can be found by potential clients looking for your service or product.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO versus Search Engine Marketing - SEM

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing (paid for advertising) need not be mutually exclusive. In fact there are distinct benefits to both. A well structured Internet marketing campaign may make use of both methods to achieve the best possible short and long term results for your business.

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