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Should You Replace Your Roof Or Repair It?

Replacing the roof on your home can be an expensive project. You may want to just repair the particular area that is causing a problem rather than replace the whole roof. There are some important questions you need to answer before you can decide which course of action is the best. Consider the tips in this article before you make that decision.

Tip: Before beginning any home improvement project, consider the return on your money. The best project choices are those that have a high appeal at time of resale.

The first issue you need to consider is the overall condition of your roof. If it is a shingle roof, you may have had some damage due to wind or ice. If some shingles have been loosened or blown off during a storm, you may be able to just replace them without worrying about replacing the whole roof. If your roof is at least 15 years old, it is likely it will need replacing soon. If the edges of the shingles are beginning to turn up, this is a good sign that you need a new roof.

Tip: Brighten your kitchen up by installing elegant cabinet handles and knobs! Changing the hardware on your kitchen cabinets is an inexpensive way to spruce up the room. When you take off the old knobs you should clean the inside of your cabinets and also wipe the outside down.

A big part of your decision will depend of the type of roof currently on your home. If you have a steel roof, it is highly unlikely that you will need to replace it any time soon. A steel roof can last the lifetime of your home if it is properly maintained. Sometimes a steel roof will need to be repainted, or a section can be damaged by falling limbs during a storm. If your roof is asphalt shingles, it will probably need replacing after about 15 years. The expected life of asphalt shingles range between 15 to 25 years, and the cost reflects the quality.

Tip: Think about whether or not you want your security alarm set while you are showing your home. If you aren't in residence at the house and it's located in an unsafe neighborhood, having an active security system can be a good idea.

Part of your decision may depend on how much you can afford to spend on your roof. Even if your shingled roof is nearing the end its life expectancy, you may be able to get by with replacing just part of it in the near term. Shingles typically last longer on the side of the house that is exposed to sun more hours of the day. If the shingles on the shady side of your roof are showing considerable wear, you may choose to replace just that portion of the roof immediately.

Tip: If you decide to use a contractor, remember that their reputation is more important than how much they cost or any extras that they offer you. The disreputable contractor may offer a low price, but achieve this by using cheap materials and unskilled labor.

Roofing contractors typically charge for their work according to the square footage of the roof they replace or repair. If your roof was damaged due to a tree or large limb falling on it in a storm, the contractor may need to replace part of the underlying structure. In this case, the cost may involve time and material. Most of the time, storm damage to your home will be covered on your homeowner's policy, so you should only have to pay the deductible portion of the cost.

The roof of your home is important to its overall appearance, so you should make sure it is well maintained and repaired or replaced when necessary. The information provided by this article can help you decide your best course of action if you are wondering whether to repair your roof or replace it.

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