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Large PST Files and Problems in Earlier Outlook Versions: In the earlier versions of MS Outlook (2000, XP/2002 and earlier versions), the email data is stored in files with ANSI PST format, which has the maximum file storage space limitation of 2 GB for personal folders (.PST files). Once the PST files reach or go beyond this value, they are not supported by the application and this leads to corruption.

Large PST Files and Problems in Newer Outlook Versions: Though, this storage space limitation no more exists in the later versions of Outlook (which have 20 GB maximum Unicode PST file size limit), but in these versions, higher file size affects Outlook performance and leads to data management issues. Such issues are required to be taken care of.

Error – The File Has Reached Its Maximum Size: Suppose you have been using Outlook 2002 for a long period of time. You are constantly receiving mail messages and storing other mailbox items in a single PST file (default PST file) while overlooking the fact that this practice of yours can further lead to serious complications and issues. As you go along with this practice, a point comes which exemplifies the problems for you. When you attempt to save an Outlook item (say an appointment or a contact or task), you fail t do so. Additionally, what you see on your screen is an error message stating:

The file file_name has reached its maximum size. To reduce the amount of data in this file, select some items that you no longer need, then permanently (shift + del) delete them.”

This error that pops up, tells you that your PST file has grown to its maximum value (2 GB) and more items cannot be accepted. The above-mentioned error message is received when MS Office XP Service Pack 1 is installed. On installing the service pack for Outlook 2002, the application is caused to stop storing more data after the PST file reaches to 1.82 GB size. This also serves as prevention against Outlook application corruption, which normally occurs when PST file goes above 2 GB.

Solve The File Has Reached Its Maximum Size Error: To deal with the above mentioned problems, it is always recommended to have multiple PST files instead of piling up email data into a single PST file. To serve this purpose and to solve the file has reached its maximum size error; some split PST software is the option.

Some Suggestions to Deal with Above Mentioned Problems

  • First thing that you should do is to open the PST file and delete all the unnecessary items. Then, you must empty the ‘Deleted Items’ folder and compact PST. The process of compacting PST file is essential so as to remove the vacant space of the file.
  • Now, you can create a new PST file and import some data from original PST file to that new file.

Use third-party split PST software to divide large sized PST file into smaller, Outlook-usable parts. These utilities are mostly safe to use. Using such software, the issues related to a large PST file will be resolved and you will be able to fix the file has reached its maximum size error. One such software is PCVITA Split Magic tool, which can help you fix PST file reached maximum size error. The product can be used to split large PST files, which will fix Outlook PST file reached maximum size error for you.

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