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Steps To Take After Having A Fender Bender

Most people are so confident in their driving abilities that they don't stop to think about what to do if they were ever in an accident. The road is not just yours, so always be aware that other drivers may not be as careful as you. If you were to get a crash with someone, this is exactly what needs to be done.

You should always have a camera available if you own a car. This is important because you want to take pictures of the scene. If you leave the scene and take pictures later, people can always dispute them and claim some of the damage was done at another time. You can keep a camera in your car if there is no camera feature available on your mobile phone.

Tip: Each insurance company follows its own set of procedures. You can always shop around to receive competitive quotes from different companies so you can choose the pricing that fits your needs.

Have your insurance papers available since you will most likely be asked for them. Even if you feel the accident was not your fault, you still have the responsibility of furnishing this information to the other driver. Do not worry since there will be an investigation before any claims are paid out.

Call the police right away. Many people feel like the police do not need to be called, and these are the same people that are sued later for imaginary injuries. An officer will ask how everyone is and take notes of anything he notices. This means someone will not be able to claim later injuries were caused by being in an accident with you.

Tip: When getting your car insurance policy, keep in mind that, in the majority of states, insurance companies have a span of time in which they can revoke your coverage. It is very unlikely for the insurance company to drop your policy if your driving record is good, but it is always important to keep your options open.

Pay attention to everyone that is around. If possible, talk to a few of them and ask if they would be willing to give statements to your insurance company if needed. Many people might not want to be involved, but there may be some people who want everything to turn out fair. Also, this helps if someone is brought into court by another party, and they furnish a witness that you don't think was there. When you take pictures of the scene, take pictures of the surroundings as well.

Do not lose your temper. This may be easier said than done since there may be extensive damage to your car, but blowing your top isn't going to accomplish anything. Being irrational may give people the idea that the entire accident was your fault. Be very calm when you deal with the other people involved and maintain this composure throughout the entire situation.

Tip: When you buy car insurance, remember that only the person named on the policy will be insured unless otherwise specified. If you allow someone to drive your car, and they were to get into a car accident, the insurance may refuse to pay.

When you go get a quote for the repairs, make sure to get more than one. This is important because your insurance company may balk at paying for something that is too high. Providing a few estimates will give people a good idea of what the fair price will be for repairs. It will also make you look like you are not all about cashing in on this experience.

While accidents can be very hectic, make sure to keep all of the above in mind when trying to handle it. You need to keep calm and deal with things the best you can. Your car may be damaged, but you should not do anything to make the situation worse.

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