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The 1, 2, 3's Of Hiring A Professional For Your Plumbing Needs

Everyone needs to hire a plumber at some point in their lives and there are a few things to consider before agreeing to the service they offer. This article will tell you everything you need to know in order to choose the one that is right for you. Not all plumbers are equal and you may end up with a backyard plumber or even one that is not licensed to do the work you contract them for. It is always best to cover all of your bases and ensure that the plumber you hire is everything they say they are.

Tip: If your pipes make squeaking and hammering noises, it may be very simple to fix. You will need to anchor any exposed pipes.

It's always a good idea to ask friends, family and co-workers for recommendations, but do not rely heavily on their word. If they are recommending a plumber with their own physical business, then by all means look into having them do the work after a little more research. If they are recommending a friend who works as a plumber for another company and takes on side jobs, then look elsewhere. The reason for this is to protect yourself. This type of worker, while licensed, is bonded through the company he works for. If he takes a job for you outside of his place of employment, you have zero protection if the job goes bad.

Tip: You need to insulate any pipes have exposure to outside elements to avoid them freezing. You should also keep the temperature in the home above freezing to avoid your pipes freezing.

Obviously, a great place to check for plumbers is through other businesses, like contractors, realtors and plumbing supply companies. As with all plumbers, you will need to do further research on these companies, but they are often plumbing businesses with insurance and bonded workers to ensure your protection at the end of the job.

Tip: Have your septic tank cleaned every five years to keep it in prime condition. Having your septic pumped will keep sediments from settling to the bottom of the septic tank and causing the tank to malfunction or backup.

The Better Business Bureau is a great place to look for complaints against a plumber, but do not jump the gun if you do not see the company listed and sign a contract immediately. The BBB works in an odd way. They will list companies who pay to be accredited by them and list those who may not be a member but have complaints. The issue is that if a company has recent complaints that simply have not been reviewed, they will not show up on the site at all until a decision has been made to whether the complaints are credible or not. The BBB is a great place to look but unless the company is a member, be cautious and ask for references.

Tip: Know your plumbing tools and exactly how to use them before you start on any plumbing repair. Use as many resources as you need, such as online or the library, to find the right information to repair your plumbing issues.

You need to make sure the company or plumber is insured. One huge mistake people make, and you see this on local consumer protection spots on you favorite news program, is that a contractor produces proof of insurance and the consumer agrees to the work. Problems arise on the job and you discover the insurance you were shown is false. It happens all the time, so make sure you write down the policy number and call the company to guarantee the contractor has a current effective policy in place.

These tips should get you on the path to finding the perfect plumber for you. You have the right to verify everything you are told and need to ensure you won't be ripped off with shoddy work, unfinished tasks as well as protection from damages due to poor performance. Comparing quotes and proof of license are the easier areas to verify. The key is to first sort out the good and bad to build a list of reputable professionals that will do the best job possible.

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