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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Paramedic Jobs

Accidents, incidences of fire, weather disaster, and such are always imminent. These catastrophic events are to be considered as one of the many emergency situations. One of the fastest medical professionals who are always responding to paramedic jobs and emergencies are the certified paramedics.

Paramedics are there to ensure safety, treat the patients with proper medical procedures, and transport them to the nearest hospital for further health care evaluation. They are highly skilled to render medical care such as basic life support, posttraumatic care management, administering medicine and oxygen and many more. The paramedic job is difficult, challenging and a great risk not only to the patient but in accordance with their lives.

For those individuals who want take this as a career path, it is essential that you know the different advantages and disadvantages of being a paramedic.

The Disadvantages of Being a Paramedic

1. The job is high risk. Paramedics always deliver heroic deeds when saving lives during a chaotic or stressful scenario. In line with saving lives, it also places the paramedic at risk. This can result not only to accidents but also more severely, to death of a paramedic as well.

2. Paramedic jobs have long irregular working hours or shifts. Most likely, there are cases for on call paramedic to be prompt in the middle of the night to report and work due to some casualties. An emergency does not have a schedule, which is why it is the responsibility of the paramedic to respond quickly whatever the time or situation is.

3. The job is stressful. Paramedics live with too much stress because of continuously responding to emergency cases that can cause the body and mind to feel stress. For example, there are cases wherein a paramedic responds to multiple car accidents in one night. These emergencies would require carrying heavy patients to be transferred from the scene to the ambulance. It is unhealthy for paramedics to experience persistent stress.

4. One is confronted with too much trauma. One of the worst disadvantages is seeing the bad side of life like death, raped victims, abused children, and such. These are definitely the most common scenarios during rescue or emergency scenario.

The Advantages of Being a Paramedic

1. It is a fulfilling mission. Paramedics are intensively trained to apply different medical procedures and techniques to help patients during emergency cases. One of the great responsibilities of a paramedic is not only rendering medical care but also saving lives. A job like is definitely something that gives a person a strong sense of fulfillment.

2. It helps one build a good and respectable reputation. The paramedic responsibility involves assisting and saving lives by conducting medical care management prior to transferring from hospitalization. Because they go through much risk themselves, they are regarded as local unsung heroes.

3. The job hones them to respond more quickly compared to normal individuals. Paramedics are proficient in managing and responding during emergency scenes. This ability is not only applicable during work but it can also be applied during family emergencies as if it is second nature.

4. It is a fountain of satisfaction and makes one live a happy life. Regardless of the situation, helping other individuals can result to happiness towards work and life.

Paramedic jobs are not for the faint hearted; it has numerous challenges as well as rewards. One must be brave to face each challenge as they come, which is about most of the time. Regardless of the risks and traumatic experiences that paramedics must go through each day, one can live with the thought that they are truly the unsung heroes of their communities.

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