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Have you ever wondered if SEO, Internet marketing and social Media Marketing actually works? By just researching the specific numbers through Google, Bing or Yahoo you can stare in complete awe for yourself that YES, it does in fact work. It shouldn’t come as a huge shock but since its earliest conception, the Internet has opened up some great opportunities for the average Joe and has helped increase a surge in niche marketing.

We have all heard the heart warming stories over and over again about the small business owner who happened to have a unique idea, then hires the right marketing team or SEO consultant, and voila! The rest is billion dollar history.

Let’s have a closer look at just how far Search Engine Marketing or SEM has really come.

The evolution of Search Engine Marketing and SEO has evolved much more rapidly in comparison to any other form of marketing and advertising around the world. History has shown and proven this powerful form of Advertising, holds the key to success and profitable results when trying to achieve a web presence.

In the past ten years alone, Search Engine Marketing has grown so dramatically, it has generated revenue ranging in the billions. Through the use of Search Engine Optimization, paid placement, contextual advertising and paid inclusion, major impacts on the earnings of many websites were nothing short of profitable.

In 2000 while the world held its breath, for the possible technological disaster of the millennia, Google was unveiling its online marketing marvel: The Google Adwords Program. And according to online stats, ending in December 2007, held 46.47% of the market share.

Looking into 2006, SEM was growing at a fast rate, leaving behind the traditional method of advertising as well as any other form of online marketing. In 2008 North American advertisers spent US$ 13.5 billion on search engine marketing.

By 2009, Google reported their advertising revenue was $22, 888, 804, 000. It’s not a glitch on the screen; you are in fact really looking at 11 digits. Finally in 2011, the last four quarters of the year brought in $32.2 Billion in total advertising revenue. Nothing short of amazing is an understatement.

SEO consultancy and firms need to be fully aware and more than qualified to get you to the top of your game. This type of promotions and marketing isn’t just a ‘fly by night’ type of job. You get exactly what you pay for. Careful research is needed in order to hire the right SEO Company to take care of the job.

Just so you are in the know, Search Engine Optimization has become an ‘umbrella’ phrase to cover most aspects of online marketing. SEO firms today will offer services in most everything when it comes to properly organizing and marketing your website. These SEO services include social media management, marketing, an effect ads campaign, with an under pinning knowledge of adwords and facebook advertising.

It has been proven time and time again; the right marketing and the right SEO consultant can get you to the top. Not just the top of search engines, but to the top of the bank as well. If you have the right business idea, or niche, you are going to have to spend money to make money. This is just a major fact when it comes to running your own business. Hiring a qualified SEO firm has your ticket for the money train.

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