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The Science and Secrets Behind Anti Aging Juice Recipes

All people will inevitably grow old; that is a scientific and natural fact. Everybody is eventually going to get wrinkled skin, blurred eyesight, and slowly lose certain senses like hearing. Yet, why are some people you know still manage to look younger despite the age – Michele Pfeiffer, Jaclyn Smith, Kim Basinger, and Raquel Welch just to name a few. Most likely, they will say “exercise, avoiding cigarette, sun, and watching what goes into their mouths. Many of these beautiful women keep aging at bay by eating or drinking fresh fruits and vegetables. It is time to find out more about the science and secrets behind anti-aging juice recipes.


The Search for the Modern Fountain of Youth

There are already a lot of ways and products out there that promise anti-aging results such as creams and serums, spa treatments, invasive procedures, and more. Nevertheless, nothing can take the place a healthy body that is still capably performing vital processes without missing a beat. These days, there is much talk about the anti-aging effects of drinking juices made from fresh fruits and veggies. This is not a magical pill or supplement taken or drank to turn back the hands of time. There is science in the secrets behind anti-aging juice recipes. The anti-aging effects of these juices stem primarily from the antioxidants richly found in many colored fresh fruits and vegetables.


The Battle between Antioxidants and Free Radicals

The term “antioxidant” refers to a variety of substances in the body and in the foods that people eat. These include vitamins, minerals, and many other phytonutrients that have oxidative functions. Their primary function in the body is to fight off the age-accelerating factors called free radicals. Free radicals are products of cellular oxidative processes that not only cause aging, but also cause the weakening of the immune system.


Though antioxidants are naturally produced by healthy cells, the amount becomes lesser with age and medical conditions. Thus, aging people can benefit by taking these antioxidants orally to augment the waning levels of antioxidants. A delicious alternative is by consuming foods and drinks that are rich in antioxidants. Combining this kind of diet and exercise in a regular manner is the ‘secret’ of most celebrities who seemed to defy age – Simon Cowell, Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston, and Nicole Kidman.


Two of the most powerful antioxidants are the flavonoids and carotenoids; often found in dark chocolate and carrots. When making anti aging juices, use fruits such as acai berry, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, red grapes, blackberries, raisins, plums, and prunes that are packed with antioxidants. For vegetables, juice alfalfa sprouts, beets, red bell pepper, spinach, eggplant, corn, kale, broccoli flowers, onions, and Brussels sprouts are excellent sources of antioxidants.


How Anti-Aging Juices Work

Aside from the fact that it helps people delay the process of aging, juices are delicious. Unpalatable juices can also be customized using recipes that integrate delicious fruits with veggies that are packed with so much ‘antioxidant goodness.’ Thus, a person can easily concoct the juice that is ideal for his or her taste buds. In addition, juices are easy to take making them ideal for busy people. Rather than grabbing a coffee on your way to work, why don’t you grab a freshly juiced fruit, veggie, or a combination?


Anti-aging juices are easy to consume and low in calories that make them perfect for people on a diet. Juicing is healthy and help can help the body go through detoxification that has health benefits for even cancer treatment patients. Knowing and understanding science and secrets behind anti-aging juice recipes is productive. This is one of the best anti-aging remedies yet that has been discovered. This is the modern-day fountain of youth sitting right there in your kitchen.

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