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Tips For Decorating With Mini Chandeliers

Chandeliers typically bring to mind images of wealth and grandeur. Once reserved for high-end homes, these traditional light fixtures have recently gotten a modern makeover. Mini-chandeliers, a current trend in the decorating industry, capture the grace and elegance of full size chandeliers, but in a size and price range that is better suited to the lifestyle of the average homeowner.

Mini-chandeliers come in a wide range of shapes and styles, ranging from traditional crystal chandeliers to more contemporary glass and metal styles. Whether your decorating style is classic or modern, there is sure to be a chandelier to match.

Decorating with mini-chandeliers can take your home’s interior design to the next level, adding an additional layer of depth to an otherwise boring room. The key lies in choosing the right chandelier for the space. For instance, a crystal chandelier might look out of place surrounded by modern decor, but would look right at home in a more traditional decorating scheme.

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The three most common places homeowners install mini-chandeliers are in the entryway, dining room and bedroom. Entryways and dining rooms have traditionally been associated with full-size chandeliers, so it makes sense that the design aesthetic would transfer well to a smaller scale.

Bedrooms, on the other hand, are not typically known for chandeliers. However, the small size and relatively short drop from the ceiling make mini-chandeliers a unique and practical bedroom lighting option. Adding a chandelier above the bed creates an instant sense of romance that is hard to create in any other way.

Another fun idea is to use a series of mini-chandeliers as pendant lights above a kitchen bar area. A row of tiny chandeliers adds an unexpected touch of sophistication to the space.

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When choosing a mini-chandelier for your home, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, you need to pay attention to the style of the chandelier. Ideally the chandelier should be in the same basic style as the rest of your decor, unless of course you are going for an eclectic look. There are countless different styles of mini-chandeliers to choose from ranging from classic to modern. Some of the most popular styles include chandeliers made from crystal, glass, wood or metal.

The height of your ceiling also plays a vital role in determining which style of mini-chandelier is best suited for your home. For entryway chandeliers, make sure that the drop of the chandelier still provides plenty of head room. Chandeliers that are placed over dining room tables or beds can hang lower. However, keep in mind that you still need plenty of clearance under the bottom of the chandelier to keep it from getting in your way while eating or sleeping.

Mini-chandeliers can be a fun way to add a touch of class or whimsy to any room in your home. Use your creativity and imagination to find unique ways to incorporate small-scale chandeliers into your space. Just be sure to check for adequate head room and choose a chandelier that is proportional to your space.

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