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As information technology has changed the face of the job market in India and across the globe,number of job opportunity in the IT sector has risen to an amazing rate. Useless to say, globalization and technological spread has created a huge impact on the Indian job market.

IT has become the dominant job contributor for the young Indians. A large number of Indian youngsters look for jobs in IT sector and fortunately, the opportunities of jobs in IT have multiplied. IT still dominates the Indian job market. Let us see what are the hot jobs in the IT sector India at the moment.

Web Development and Web Marketing

A lot of job opportunities are there for web developers and web marketers these days. As a majority of business establishments have introduced themselves on internet, the demand of web development and web marketing jobs in India have increased. When web development includes creating websites to web portals for a variety of business establishments, companies, commercial and noncommercial organizations, web marketing has become more popular which consists of SEO techniques and social media marketing devices. These job opportunities have become so vast and provide jobs to the IT graduates and professionals.

E-Commerce Software Solutions

This is one of the hot jobs in the IT field at the moment where a large number of IT professionals involved with e-commerce software solutions. Quite often they work for overseas companies and it provide a great platform for offshore software development jobs in India. A large number of Indian IT companies providing e-commerce software solutions to overseas companies and thereby accelerate the job opportunities in the Indian IT sector.

Technical Writing

Technical writing is one of the hot jobs at the moment as a lot of software companies are looking for writers with technical background. The main job profile of the technical writer includes developing user guides, project manuals, on-line helps systems, software reviews, technical books and guides. To become a technical writer, one needs to have a thorough understanding of technical jargons as well as the ability to write complicated technical issues in simple language.

Technical Support

Technical supporting has become a much liked job at present as a large number of IT professionals have accepted this job with great enthusiasm. These technocrats provide support for the consumers when they stuck with complex technological problems. They give an extensive technical support both online and on phone round the clock. The technical supporters should have the ability to understand and repair the error occurred in the software/hardware or security, connectivity and other minor issue like fax and scan problems.

Desktop Application Development

This is another sought after job in the Indian IT sector now.  As numerous job openings are coming up for the IT professionals. As the utility of computer is rising with each passing day, the desktop application developers are in great demand for jobs in India. The job profile includes designing a variety of computer software including enterprise software, offices suites, media player, accounting software, healthcare software, graphic software and the list obviously never ends here. One who has a thorough IT knowledge would never need to be unemployed as these job opportunities are mounting with each passing day.

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