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New York City has an endless amount of things to see and do its easy to see how it earned this nickname. It offers the perfect vacation for every kind of tourist from those who are looking for culture filled trips to some of the world class museums and art galleries in New York to someone just looking to sample some of the restaurants and night life on offer. The city is best reached by flying to JFK international airport. JFK is located in Queens to the east of the City and is a major international hub.



With so many attractions each visitor can tailor their trip to suit their own interests. Despite this its worth taking in at least a few of the city's iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Rockafeller Center and the buzzing excitement of Times Square or the calm green oasis of Central Park. New York City is home to so many iconic world famous landmarks and views that you almost feel like you've been there before when you take in views of the skyline that adorns so many posters. Yet there is nothing like seeing it in person for the first time. You can even take a trip to the long white sandy beaches on Long Island if you want to take a rest from the hustle and bustle of the city and combine your city break with a beach holiday for the best of both worlds.



The city can seem almost overwhelming to begin wit because of its sheer size but once you get to grips with its grid lay out and the different boroughs then it's not too difficult to make your way around and find what you want to see. The City is split into five boroughs Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island each of which is big enough to be considered a city in its own right. Manhattan is probably the most well known to outsiders and is home to trendy areas like SoHo and Greenwich Village as well as some of the more culturally diverse areas like Chinatown and Little Italy. Its also where to find some of the most fashionable shopping districts such as 5th Avenue whether your budget is suited to high street stores or designer labels. If you want to visit some museums then there is no better city to come to than New York. The museum mile is one of the most concentrated areas of culture in the country. The museums range from small intimate museums hugely well know museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art.



All of the boroughs are worth visiting and each has their own unique atmosphere and look. Brooklyn is the most populous borough and is know for its beaches, music venues and it also offers spectacular views of the awe inspiring Manhattan skyline. The Bronx is the only borough on the mainland. Its the birthplace of hip hop music and the New York Yankees. Queens is the most ethnically diverse area in the US and this is reflected in the range and quality of restaurants serving food from almost every corner of the world. To get some of the best views of the city and New York harbor get the Staten Island ferry that also passes by the Statue of Liberty.



There is nowhere like New York when it comes to nightlife. There are big name acts playing and all kinds of festivals taking place every week. There is something to suit all tastes from quiet pubs to glamorous night clubs where the rich and famous come to party. There is so much to see and do 24 hours a day that you will never run out of things to keep you busy. New York is a diverse melting pot of cultures and things to do making it an unforgettable vacation destination. Find flights to New York City and other destinations.

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