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In the reasons, which user give while switching from Lotus Notes to Outlook, we usually see that users are switching to Lotus Notes due to its high mailbox security features, better functions and advanced facilities. Yes, Lotus Notes offers that much great features and facilities but, direct accessing of Outlook Express database in Lotus Notes database is not possible because Lotus Notes reads database in its proprietary file format, which is NSF. If the user wishes to switch to Lotus Notes from OE then, he has to import EML to Lotus Notes first and then access the database. If you are also one of the users, who want to switch to Lotus Notes from OE then, here are the few tips, which you check to make your process to migrate EML to NSF better. At the end of the article we also provide you the best way of converting Outlook express emails to NSF with a third party tool- EML to NSF Converter.

First off, convert all OE emails into EML file format. Task of converting OE emails into EML file format is not difficult, you just have to follow perform these following actions to do that.

  • Create a New Folder on desktop with desired name or the default name ‘New Folder’.
  • After that, open your Outlook Express.
  • Select any of the folders of OE, who emails you want to EML file format.
  • If you want to convert all emails of that selected folder then, select all of them with ‘ctrl+a’ keys and if you want to convert particular emails of that OE folder into EML format then, select particular emails one by one by pressing the ‘ctrl’ key.
  • Now after selection, drag all the selected emails to the new folder, which you created on desktop.
  • If you want to convert emails of all other OE folders also, then as well, you have to perform the same above discussed operation.

After the conversion of OE emails into EML file format, you have to migrate EML to NSF. As discussed above, EML files of OE cannot get accessed into Lotus Notes, so you have to look for a solution that can batch convert EML to NSF format and EML to NSF Converter is that one such solution, which can work for you as a successful EML to NSF migration solution. You can comfortably and quickly migrate all OE emails into Lotus Notes NSF file with the help of it. It also provides the facility to migrate selected EML files into Lotus Notes NSF format. It performs conversion of emails in bulk.

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