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Try These Easy To Follow Instructions For Plumbing Maintenance

Have you had to hire a plumber in the past? It's not cheap. There are many things you can do to help prevent those types of plumbing issues from occurring. Regular plumbing maintenance is the key, and you probably need more information. Keep reading to find out more, and try these easy-to-follow instructions for plumbing maintenance.

Tip: Pump your septic tank every five years to keep it working well. Deposit and debris build up in your tank can result in major problems.

You definitely want to avoid clogging any pipes in your home. If you notice that certain drains are slow, then you need to do something. Letting clogs in drains build up is going to mean an expensive plumbing bill when you have to make the call. Instead of waiting to fix clogs, also think about preventative maintenance. Use screens and filters so that all kinds of gunk does not get in your drains. Pour a bottle of drano in the sinks every once in awhile for maintenance. These types of things will help keep your pipes clean.

Tip: If you find you are having an issue with the garbage disposal, do not put your bare hands in the disposal. Garbage disposals are dangerous, even when turned off.

What can clog your pipes? Just about anything can clog them. You can pretty much separate the matter into two categories. First, there are things that build up over time that you wouldn't normally consider clogging material, such as soap scum. Then, there are hair balls that can clog your drain for instance right after you wash fluffy while he's shedding.

Tip: Check carefully around the base of your toilet for any damage caused by leaks. Sit on your toilet and sway across both feet to feel if there are any spots less firm than the others.

On the broader scale, sometimes a plumber is needed for maintenance as well. But, this is something right here that can prevent enormous problems later. Call a plumber annually to have your pipes checked for leaks. If you have any leaks, get them fixed immediately. This will save you money, and it will keep catastrophic events from happening.

Tip: Pour equal parts baking soda followed by vinegar down your bathtub drain once a month. Put a rag over the drain afterward, though, to keep the chemicals from coming back up after the reaction.

Do you need to do anything differently during any seasons of the year? The answer is yes. First of all, during warmer weather months, you are supposed to shut off all faucets completely in order to help protect your plumbing. However, during winter months, you're actually supposed to leave a faucet dripping to prevent your pipes freezing up. Different temperatures call for different precautions, and there are especially many you should take as winter approaches.

Tip: Always have cold water running when you are using your garbage disposal. Using cold water not only preserves the sharpness of the blades, but also makes the disposal process itself smoother.

For instance, you should have any exposed pipes insulated on the outside of your home during winter. You have to cover certain parts of your landscape right? It seems as though people remember to do this more than they remember to insulate their pipes. Perhaps it's because pipes seem firm and strong while plants are fragile. However, you're going to wish you had taken better care of your pipes.

These are just a few of the things you can do to help you take better care of your pipes and plumbing throughout the year. You need to continue to educate yourself about this matter. Many people forget about their pipes, assuming they're either indestructible or left to the elements. Or, they think fix when broken. However, maintenance is key, and you need to remember the tips that have been discussed here so that you can treat your plumbing the right way.

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