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Unclog Your Sink Without A Plumber

A clogged up sink is a major problem, but you can fix it yourself by using some simple techniques. You do not need to incur the expense of calling a plumber if you use a little common sense and some elbow grease. This article provides some valuable information to help you get your drains running free again.

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If the clogged sink drain is in your kitchen, it is likely that grease is the culprit. You can try pouring some boiling water into the drain in hopes that it will melt the grease and get the drain working again. If that does not work try a commercial drain opener, followed by vigorously plunging the drain. Follow the directions on the can of drain opener because quite often it is necessary to leave the liquid sitting in the drain for several hours or even overnight.

Tip: Weather needs to be considered. If it rains a lot in your area, installing a patio outdoors may not be the best investment.

A common plumbers tool is called a snake. This is a long, stiff wire with a hook on the end that bends to fit the shape of the pipe as it is pushed down into the drain. The object is to open the drain by pushing the clog through or pulling it back up through the drain opening. Small objects can accidentally fall down into the drain and become lodged in the sink trap. A snake can help by removing those objects without you needing to remove the trap to dislodge the clog.

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If you should need to take the sink trap apart to remove the clog, you will need a plumbers wrench. This is a sturdy tool with a handle long enough to provide the leverage needed to unscrew the connecting pipe ring. This wrench will also be necessary when you reassemble the trap and tighten the ring.

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If the sink trap and drain pipe are made of PVC, it is likely that you will be unable to use them again after they are removed. The PVC bond is very strong and will likely break the part when you remove the trap and pipe. Replacement parts are quite inexpensive so it is best to just replace the parts completely to assure there will be no leaks from a reused part. If the trap and drain pipe are metal, clean them up and reuse them instead of buying new parts.

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Once you have removed the trap from under the drain, you will probably see the clog is lodged in the sharp bend of the trap. Check the drain pipe below to ensure there is no material lodged in there before you install the new trap. Pour some water down the drain pipe to make sure it runs freely before reassembling the drain trap and pipe.

Tip: Any contractor who offers you a discount for paying in cash is doing something illegal, so don't get involved with him. Cash often doesn't leave a paper trail and can leave you without legal recourse or proof if a problem arises.

Installing new PVC parts or reusing metal ones can be tricky. It is often difficult to get the job done in such a way that there are no leaks. If the new installation continues to leak, you may need to call a professional to make sure the job is done correctly.

Unclogging a drain can be a frustrating experience, but if you take the job one step at a time, it is likely you can get it done. Use the tips in this article as a guide to making sure your drains continue to run free.

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