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In the late 1990s various US companies, a substantial number of them from the IT sector, started outsourcing jobs in India. At this juncture, many organizations created online job portals to make the task of hiring suitable candidates easy.

It was peculiar situation: jobs were available on a large scale and there were enough talented professionals in India, but there wasn’t a mechanism that would speedily connect the job seeker with the potential employer.

More than a decade has passed since the inception of online job portals. While some job portals have acquired a dominant position in the online job search market, most of the people still employ the usual channels to find jobs. But gradually, with the generation of millions of jobs in India, the concept of using job search sites to hire employees and search jobs has finally taken root in the Indian psyche.

For a job seeker, job portals are wide-open window of opportunity. You get to know about a number of jobs all over the country that pay well for your set of skills. The simple act of filling an online form and registering brings you to the notice of a thousand firms looking for talent. So, if you are searching for jobs in India, it makes a lot of sense to utilize the free services of a job portal.


If you are new to job portals and looking for jobs in India, or are wondering how to get the best out of a job site, it helps to understand how the job sites function. As a job seeker you register with the job portal and fill a form which asks for your educational and employment details. You are also asked to enter your contact details and answer to a confirmation mail on your email and confirmation message on your mobile.

The information you enter in this form will be visible to the potential employer, but your contact details will not be visible. Most job sites allow employers to view your profile, and if the employer is sufficiently interested, he pays the job portal and purchases your contact details. So, make sure that you fill the registration form accurately and enter the correct contact details.

Answering to Job Ads

Employers also list the vacancies in their company on the job portal. This practice is usually termed as ‘job posting’. The contact details of the employers are mentioned in these ‘job posts’ and you can email them your resume, if you possess the qualifications for the job.

Also, if you register, the job portal will mail you a list of vacancies that match your profile. For example, if you are a Web designer, then vacancies for jobs in India that have the words ‘Web Designer’ will be mailed to you. The job ads will clearly mention the experience and skills required from a candidate. If these match yours, you can email your resume to the company and show your interest in working for their firm.

Customize Your Resume

You may boast of a large set of skills, and your resume may mention all of them without focusing on one key area. But once you decide to answer a particular job ad, your resume must highlight that part of your expertise which matches the qualifications required for the job. For instance, let’s suppose that you have worked as a software developer and also done software marketing. You decide to apply for a marketing job. In this case, it would be better to revise your resume and draw attention to your expertise in the area of marketing.

Using these simple and easy-to-implement ideas will help you find some of the best jobs in India. The days when finding a job meant lugging a folder with all your mark sheets and certificates to a number of offices have gone. All you need to do now is register on a good job site and select the jobs you find challenging and apply for them online.

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