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Vitamin D Foods One Of The Most Important

Vitamin D is considered one of the most important vitamins our body needs. It has so many functions and is required to keep our body running healthily. It is often referred to as the Sunshine Vitamin because our body's naturally produce it when we come into contact with sunlight.

However in modern times, we do not get the necessary exposure required to produce the amounts of Vitamin D we need. This is why so many people develop Vitamin D deficiency. So you might be asking yourself how you get this vitamin, besides just sunbathing every day. Well there are of vitamin d foods out there to help you get it through your diet.

Tip: Deal with cravings. Cravings are strong urges to eat your favorite food, and they are very hard to overcome.

Food rich in vitamin D can be a bit hard to come by, far more so then other vitamins. However you would be surprised by just how many common foods have this essential vitamin in them. Very simple changes to your diet can help you keep your vitamin d levels stable.

The most common source of vitamin d within foods is in sea food. A lot of types of fish contain high levels of vitamin D. The best source of vitamin d would be from salmon. Different types of salmon have varying levels of vitamin d, but the best types would be either sockeye or chinook salmon.

Tip: Be sure to get a full night of sleep each and every night. When people do not do their best to get enough rest, it increases the level of hormones in their systems that make them hungry.

There are other vitamin d foods beyond just salmon, though. Atlantic sardines and Atlantic herrings are both good sources of vitamin d as well. From there though your choice of sea food starts to become a little bit limited.

If you are not a big sea food lover there are alternative foods you can look to for your source of vitamin d. These foods do not carry very high levels of the vitamin, but if you work them into your diet they can help supplement your lack of exposure to the sun.

Tip: A good tip for losing weight is to start drinking green tea. Green tea has been proven to boost metabolism and it's a great natural way to gain energy.

Pork is a food with moderately high levels of vitamin d. Given how common pork is this can be a great way to work in your vitamin d as well as getting other beneficial vitamins and minerals your body needs. Beef liver is another source of vitamin D as well.

If you are not one for meat there are still other sources you can get your vitamin d from. Shitake mushrooms soak up a lot of vitamin d from the sun and can be a great source for it. Egg yolk is yet another source you can look into, having eggs for breakfast every day can help you keep your vitamin d levels up.

Tip: Sometimes it's easy to lose motivation to exercise. One way to prevent this is to find a friend to workout with.

After those, your choice of vitamin d foods is pretty much expended. There are still dairy products that often times carry the vitamin but they generally carry it in low amounts and have other issues about them.

Given the difficulty of acquiring the amounts of vitamin d we require from food and sunlight, it is also advised you use an artificial supplement to help you get the amounts you need to keep your body healthy. A combination of vitamin d rich foods, sunlight, and supplements can give your body what it needs.

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