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Welcome To The Fantastic World Of Smoothies And Shakes

Smoothies and shakes remain a constant favorite in the global food community regardless of the fact that at any given time you can have anything from pizza to chow mein to boeuf cordon bleu to pad Thai. The reason for the universal appeal of these cool delights is simple: they can be made to cater to just about any palate and purpose. They can be made to taste sweet and creamy or light and refreshingly fruity. Both of these inventions can be prepared as sinfully rich desserts, as low-calorie refreshments and even as part of cures and health regimens. In fact, both of these blends have so many variations they are a culinary world all their own.

The Difference between Timeless Shakes and Classic Smoothies

Smoothies are blended concoctions that usually feature fruits as the main ingredient. To make a smoothie you need ice, possibly some syrup and whatever fruits strike your fancy. To thicken smoothies, some kitchens will add cream to the mixture while others might use yoghurt or soya milk instead. Most shops and kitchens use bananas to stabilize a smoothie so that even without the use of dairy products, the resulting product is rich, thick and stays blended. Some smoothies, though, are prepared with both bananas as a stabilizer and cream.

In contrast, shakes are made from dairy. Like smoothies, shakes can be flavored with fruit but the most popular and traditional favorites are chocolate and vanilla. Ice cream and milk are the time-honored foundations for shakes so that these creations are indeed extra creamy. If ice were added at all to make a shake, the quantity would be minimal. Shakes are not as thick as smoothies are and usually, they can be drunk with a regular straw, but smoothies with their chunkier texture require bigger straws.

A Smoothie and a Shake for Every Purpose

In general, shakes have the consistency of thickened, creamy drinks but the addition of a few creative touches can transform them into desserts. Think of a rich blob of strawberry ice cream sprinkled with dark chocolate on top of a milk shake and you will know it is a worthy ending to any meal. The same holds true for a smoothie. Think of thick layers of pureed honeydew melon topped with a thick layer of pureed watermelon decorated with a sprig of mint. This would be a refreshing conclusion to barbecue on a hot summer day.

Apart from desserts, these two concoctions are frequently designed as health foods with the addition of ingredients such as yoghurt or vitamins. Some of the most popular additions to smoothies are protein powder and various vitamins. They are also sometimes fashioned as energy or wellness beverages when they contain herbs, vitamins, and minerals. Some die-hard smoothie advocates use enhancers such as fiber, bee pollen, gingko, green tea extract, and aloe to help achieve desired physical and mental conditions. Some of these enhancers are supposedly designed to detoxify, to improve memory, promote weight control, and relieve stress.

A widespread function of shakes as well as smoothies today is to aid in the cure of certain diseases such as cancer, diabetes, anemia, and depression. Some of the additives for relief from mental problems are taurine, lecithin, and methionine. St. John’s Wort has been used for decades to help people with depression so its addition to shakes or smoothies is only to be expected.

For cancer patients, broccoli and carrots are typical ingredients of a green shake or a wellness smoothie intended for cancer patients. Some believers would go as far as saying that these green fusions are capable of curing certain types of cancer. While many skeptics would disagree about the curative power of vegetables thrown into the blender with some ice and vitamins, even these skeptics would agree that these drinks provide cancer patients with an easily digestible source of folate and nutrition.
Regardless of the purpose that these cool beverages serve, one thing is clear: these dreamy inventions can be made truly delicious. Nutrition and even treatments need not be foul tasting when they are presented in the form of smoothies and shakes. This means that surely, smoothies and shakes are here to stay.

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