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What Is Copywriting And How Do Copywriters Work?


You have probably read slogans that have stuck in your mind as reminders of what a company or institution stands for. To illustrate, three of the most famous slogans in the last five decades (Just do it, Good to the last drop, A diamond is forever) never fail to ring a bell. These catchy phrases are some of the most successful copywriting products, because as slogans, they have successfully embodied a characteristic of the product they want to sell.

Copywriting is the putting together of written text (referred to as copy) for the purpose of promoting or marketing a product, a concept or an idea. The three sample slogans illustrate what is copywriting at its most successful. 


What Are The Objectives Of Copywriting?

Copywriting or the putting together of text is done for very clear objectives. The usual objective is to market a company and its products. However this is not the only purpose that directs copywriting.

Some copy is devoted to convincing people about ideas. For example, all over California, there are billboards that depict a mother with a basketful of fruits and vegetables saying that since it is her kitchen, her rules apply. These billboards pronounce the message of parental authority and healthy diets and they neither sell any specific product nor endorse any commercial company. Some copy is written with the objective of providing instructions or directions. A classic example of this type of copywriting would be the manuals that accompany furniture or paraphernalia that need to be assembled. The same goes for users’ manuals that accompany equipment such as cell phones, computers, printers and the like. 

For several decades, most direct mail campaigns have been implemented for philanthropic purposes. Many nonprofits will send hundreds letters to ask for donations that would be spent on worthy causes. Other campaigns center around providing information on certain advocacies coupled with the urging to vote for or against certain propositions. 

Copywriting has grown side by side with mass media and for decades, people with fresh ideas and a gift for words have been creating jingle lyrics, taglines, advertising text and even scripts for television advertisements. In addition to this, it is mostly copywriters who produce the contents that people see in brochures, catalogues and flyers. Some copywriters also include writing press releases and postcards as part of their work. 


What is Copywriting in the Era of Internet Connectivity?

Because of the all-pervading presence of the internet, copywriting has acquired a new, borderless horizon. Copywriting has expanded its range – its coverage now includes online media, emails, podcasts, ads and even web content. Many websites use the services of copywriters for original text as well later uploads. One of the newer ways that copywriters do work is for websites that need content material that is able to drive readership traffic towards certain websites; this helps the websites achieve higher ranking. Content writing in this case involves the use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the crafting of copy that provides information, uses good style while strategically placing keywords throughout an article. In addition to regular websites, copywriters now have social media, social networking, blogs and tweets where they can place their articles. 


The Current Work Environment For Copywriting

As a rule, most copywriters still work with organizations and companies such as public relations firms, advertising agencies newspapers, magazines and marketing firms. Quite often, these organizations would include other services apart from copywriting. The usual work arrangement for copywriters is that they work in teams which would possibly include an over-all director, and a graphic artist. In such a team, the copywriter is responsible for the words that tell whatever story there is to tell and all together, the team members accomplish the project.

While office based copywriters are still the norm, independent or contractual copywriters are growing in number. Mainly because of the internet, it is now possible for copywriters to work easily with clients and agencies; to confer with them and have work edited without difficulty. As a result sometimes much of the work done by copywriters is personalized and tailor made for clients. With the constant changes in technology and the impact of these changes on communication, it seems there is indeed no limit to the horizons that will unfold for copywriting.


What Do Copywriting Jobs Entail?

Copywriting is a career, which is devoted to the writing of advertisements, letters, and other types of copy for the purpose of marketing goods, ideas, concepts, institutions or even persons. So far, copywriting jobs have remained available in today’s job market. Why has copywriting remained a viable job target? The answer is simple: copywriting products are usually part of the marketing strategy of most companies. 

For as long as there are products to market, there will always be a need for sales brochures and advertisements. Actually, the harder times are, the greater the need for good copy and because the internet has drastically slashed the cost of advertising, more companies invest in the online services of copywriters. Hence, copywriting jobs are still there for those determined to work in the field.


Where Does Copywriting Appear?

Copywriters write various marketing products. The most traditional among these products are taglines, jingle lyrics, advertisements, television and radio commercial scripts, press releases, catalogs, billboards, brochures, post cards and sales letters. In the past two decades, however, the landscape for copywriters has changed radically because of the internet. Today, copywriters do a lot of work that is designed for online use. Many copywriters do web page content writing, online brochures, flyers, and newsletters. Often owners of websites engage the services of copywriters to do automatic response series; to edit, proofread and make over copy so that it is SEO and SMO. Tweets, blog posts, and social networking posts have also become part of the work that some copywriters do.


What Does A Professional Copywriter Do?

The copywriter puts together the slogans, scripts, the letters, and other types of copy that market clients’ products. The process of getting this done usually follows a route, which demands that the copywriter be sensitive and creative. As a rule, the copywriter has to find out what the client wants to convey and who the target audience is. The copywriter then usually brainstorms with the team to gather visual and copy ideas. From there, the team puts together some options for the client to choose from and once the client chooses which idea is to be developed, the copywriter and the team work on it. The concept is refined till the client is satisfied then a final presentation is prepared.

Much of this process has become shortened because of the internet. More and transactions between clients and copywriters are done through email and there are many forms of marketing copy aside from the big advertisements of the past. Direct mail campaigns and website content uploads are examples of this. Though products and processes have changed, the sensitivity and creativity demanded of copywriters remain the same.


The Work Environment For Copywriters

One of the realities of copywriting is that all jobs have to be done according to a timetable that is seldom leisurely. Copywriters need to be able to work under pressure and they have to keep themselves in creative mode constantly. Working overtime is expected of copywriters because of deadlines.

Advertising companies employ many copywriters where they work with creative teams. The atmosphere in these work groups is generally informal with relatively relaxed dress codes. However, creative and often competitive artistic people who are constantly searching for unique approaches to their presentations populate the field.


How Much Money Does A Copywriter Earn?

Depending on experience, artistic ability and other relevant factors, copywriters who work for advertising companies can earn anywhere from $30,000 to $ 85,000 per year in the United States. In the UK, copywriters can earn an annual salary of £18,000 to £70,000, plus benefits. Successful campaigns that win awards generally mean higher pay.

Many companies now hire copywriters on a part time basis or on a per project basis, which means the salary scale does not apply in their case. An equally growing number of copywriters are doing freelance work now that there are so many different types of copy to be written with the internet as main medium.


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