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Why Prostate Bleeding Occurs

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One thing that a medical doctor should do before rendering treatment options to a bleeding prostate is to know first the causes of the medical condition. Rough sex could cause intermittent bleeding prostate and infection. However, this disease is the number one sign of prostate cancer.

There is no obvious evidence that there is a reduction in the death rate caused by prostate cancer even if there are early detection and treatments available. Actually in several studies, men who undergo screening have not been revealed to have extended life span than men who do not subject themselves to screening. The majority of those who are affected with prostate cancer are men ages 65 years and above.

The choice to have PSA test starts at 40 years old. When a person is already 40 years old, he will be at greater risk of developing prostate cancer. Sadly, many men would disregard the presence of the condition and yet they don't even seek any medical attention. This could cause apprehension and unnecessary tests with pain, infection, and bleeding prostate. False-positives PSA tests are common results. According to several researches, one out of four patients are tested positive with prostate cancer.

prostate problems need to be sorted out quickly

Usually, prostate cancer is an asymptomatic type of medical condition during the initial stage of the disease process; as a result many men would experience signs and symptoms in the latter part of the condition. Below five percent of prostate cancer cases have urinary conditions as the early indication. Prostate cancer is evaluated by an abnormal result in PSA test or as a lump in prostate gland. Patients might also manifest burning sensation along with presence of blood in the urine or semen. As the cancer cell increases, it could entirely obstructs the urine flow, resulting in an agonizing obstructed signs of prostate cancer. Therefore, this is a valid reason for men who are 50 years old and above to undergo screening test in a yearly basis. More or less 65 percent of men today have been suffering from prostate cancer.

Some patients might experience signs and symptoms like frequent lower back pain and urinary problems. Therefore, a regular visit and check up with a medical practitioner is considered necessary since these are just among the symptoms of probable bleeding prostate or a more serious health problem.

When a person is already 40 years old, he will be at greater risk of developing prostate cancer.

have regular check-ups

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