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Which Chino Are You?

The ever-faithful chino trousers are flocking to stores for spring/summer, once again reminding the fashion world of their permanent place on every man’s list of wardrobe staples. Smarter than everyday jeans and more relaxed than tailored trousers, there is a reason why chinos are so popular. Comfortable, lightweight, durable and stylish, if you haven’t picked up your chinos for spring yet, make a note to do so. 

Another great thing about the trusty chino trouser is that they come in many different styles and colours, and can work with so many different outfits and personal tastes. Here is a rundown of what to look for when shopping for chinos to help you decide which chino is best for you.

These days, chinos come in many more colours than just the traditional bone and khaki. Earthy colours such as brown, maroon, mustard as well as navy blue and black are all popular colour choices. Have a rummage through your wardrobe and take a look at your existing clothes. What colour chino would suit your current wardrobe best? What sort of shoes will you be wearing your new chinos with? Loafers, espadrilles and sandals are going to be big news this season, and look great with all styles of chinos.

Skinny chinos are a very common style of chino trouser that have been popular for several seasons now, particularly with the young adult market. Unlike skinny jeans, skinny chinos still have a relaxed feel. Still, this style is generally restricted to the thinner man.

The straight leg chino is the most versatile style and can suit most shapes and sizes. You can find straight leg chinos in either the classic, relaxed or the newer ‘city’ fit. The relaxed fit has the waistband sitting just above the hips and is slightly looser than other fits. The waist on the newer city style chino sits just below the waist and the leg has a slimmer cut. This style, also known as ‘urban’, is considered more sleek and cosmopolitan. The classic chino fit sits between these two styles.

Boot-cut chinos are slightly wider at the ankles and are great for guys with a bigger upper-body, as it can balance their look out. Tapered chinos are a newer style, similar to slim fit, but where the ankle is tapered. These chinos work well on guys who aren’t quite slim enough to pull off the skinny look, or who simply want something a bit more relaxed.

Other styles of chinos emerging this spring/summer that are slightly harder for the everyday man to pull off include carrot let (loose fit then tapered, usually with elastic, at the ankle), drop crotch (where the crotch is baggy but the knee to ankle area is still relatively slim) and chinos with cuffs, exposing the ankle.

Some chino styles have a crease down the front of each leg and others do not. As a general rule, trimmer guys look better with the flat front chinos and the styles with the crease running down each leg can provide a more streamlined look for men with larger legs.

Chinos by nature are designed to be comfortable and have a bit of room, so don’t go for a size or style that is too tight and figure hugging. You should be able to easily put your hands in the pockets and sit, crouch and move about easily. Designers are getting creative with chinos, so don’t be afraid to try different styles on to ensure you find the best chino style for you.

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