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For nearly 200 years, the suit has been the de facto item of formalwear for men in Europe and North America. So it's no surprise that in the 21st century, many men have grown bored of suits and avoid wearing them at all costs. However, the suit has lasted this long for a reason: at its best, it's a triumph of men's tailoring and there are few items of clothing that are more flattering on a man than a well-fitted suit. If you're tired of suits, a skinny suit could be just what you need. This slim-fitting suit with a tapered leg flatters a range of body shapes and offers a stylish, modern twist on a traditional piece of clothing that appeals to 21st century men.

Essentially, a skinny suit shares many of the same qualities as a classic suit: it consists of a tailored jacket and trousers paired with a shirt, tie and formal shoes. However, the main difference is that the trousers on a skinny suit feature a slim, tapered leg, while the jacket has a tapered waist. This has several flattering qualities for a man's silhouette, such as slimming down a wide waist, large chest and muscular upper arms. To achieve this effect, however, be sure to wear a tapered waist jacket with tapered legs, as a traditional jacket with tapered legs may not have the same effect.

With a classic three-piece suit, a waistcoat often has a slimming effect for men with large waists. But with a skinny suit, the tapered jacket waist eliminates the need for this effect, creating a cleaner, more contemporary look. For a simple, modern skinny suit combination, choose a black suit worn with a white shirt, a subtle flower-print tie in grey or light blue, and black brogues. Alternatively, choose a suit in metallic grey or light brown, both colours that have been favourites with designers in winter 2011-12. And if you have a stocky body shape, a navy blue or pinstripe skinny suit may have a further slimming effect.

If you're thinking about buying a new suit, you'll find a range of skinny suits available to try on in high street shops and designer men's fashion boutiques. When shopping for a skinny suit, the golden rule is to never make a purchase without trying the suit on first. Make sure that you can comfortably button-up the front of the jacket, and that the tapered leg isn't too close-fitting for your ankles. And if you can't find a skinny suit that fits perfectly, consider getting one tailor-made instead. It might cost a little more, but spending a few extra pounds is always preferable to wearing an ill-fitting suit.

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