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You can get the single unique DVD Shrink Software Online at now. Many of you might be wondering why use a DVD Shrink? What DVD Shrink Does Exactly?

DVD Shrink is a device for fitting a dual layer DVD in a single layer DVD disc. This exceptional software is competent of re-authoring as well as re-encoding the movie. The main feature of DVD Shrink is that it has an intuitive easy user interface that makes it easier for the user to select what to keep and what to lose. In addition this software enables you to create an ISO image of the ripped DVD or a VIDEO-TS folder for supplementary processing, viewing or burning.

Moreover DVD Shrink is software utilized to backup your DVDs. Its multi purposes mechanism allows you to use it in fusion with other favorite DVD software in order to make backup of that movie. The movie in form of file is saved in the hard drive with help of DVD Shrink. You can store wonderful backups of the movies you like to view time and again in your PC. There are no intricate measures involved and you can backup disks hassle-free with its help.

At Official DVD you are guided online with some trouble-free steps to shrink your DVD quicker. Firstly you are required to insert the DVD into DVD-ROM and then opt for a Full Disk version (1:1) or main movie only. The multifaceted system of DVD Shrink will investigate the DVD, encode video files and lastly have one DVD instead of two. Thus, you can obtain an outstanding movie exactly like your original DVD.

Presently you can avail of DVD Shrink that is compatible with Windows 7/Vista/XP at As a result of many advantages of DVD Shrink you are able to get clear of everything ranging from subtitles to menus and additional redundant stuff also. It permits you to save your valuable time and hard earned money by re-authoring. Especially this is a approach that is appropriate for transforming dual layer DVD in a single layer DVD disc. The new software from at Official DVD Shrink is capable to generate an ISO image of the ripped DVD or VIDEO-TS folder for further processing, viewing or burning. The amazing DVD Shrink Full-Disk mode facilitates to maintain the structure of the original DVD unharmed. At you are assured 100 % satisfaction and team support online.

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