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You Can Recycle So Many Things

Green energy is becoming more and more popular and you can be a big part in helping out our planet. Recycling is one of the easiest and most fun ways to become green. The earth will thank you for it and you will feel like you made a difference. There are so many different ways to recycle and so many different objects that can be reused.

Glass is one of the main things you can recycle. Any time you are finished with your meal, see what you have used to make that meal that can be recycled. Pasta sauce jars, beer bottles, applesauce containers are just some of the few things that come to mind that should never be thrown in the trash can. When you are finished with a glass container, make sure that you rinse it out and separate it into a different container than where you dispose of your trash. Glass can be burned down and made into something completely different that you will be able to use. It also saves space at the dump, which is where it would go if you were to throw it in the trash can.

Tip: Do your laundry using cold water, if you can. Almost 90 percent of the consumed energy while washing your clothes is spent on heating up the water.

Plastic is an easy one. There is plastic all around you and the majority of these items can be recycled and reused. You can use a garbage can for your recycling. Just make sure it is clearly labeled and all of the correct items go in the correct containers. Soda bottles are a common item that people throw into the trash can. You can help out our planet by putting these in a recycling bin and giving that one little bottle the opportunity to be made into something new.

Metals are a little bit harder to recycle, but they can also benefit you a little bit more. You can recycle all different kinds of metals. We will start with the easiest. Aluminum cans are used by the millions every single day. These cans can go into recycling and can actually be taken to plants and they will reimburse you some money for bringing the aluminum to them. So recycling can literally pay off. To find a recycling center, just go online or look in the phone book. You won't become a millionaire, but it's better for the planet and your wallet to recycle these cans. Larger and heavier metals can also be taken to the recycling center. Depending on the kind of metal, these items can sometimes bring in some extra money, as well.

Tip: If you are trying to limit your energy use, you should make your own ice. The ice makers that are built into refrigerators not only are unreliable, but also use extra energy supplies to work.

You use paper every single day. That paper comes from the trees. Those trees supply you the oxygen you use to breathe. Imagine if you could recycle every paper that you use on a daily basis. If everyone did just that, it would save so many trees. Sometimes, there are also schools that take paper recycling, and they actually receive some money for the school when they send in all the paper.

Recycling is an amazing thing to do and it's not difficult at all. Please keep this article in mind the next time you are ready to throw away an item. You could save the environment!

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