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Young Minds Thinking Of The Best Christmas Gifts For Dads

The most difficult part of Christmas shopping is to find something to give your dad especially if you are still a kid. It is pretty much easier to find some little stuff for mom and the other members of the family, but it is a different story when it comes to the man of the house. He may be a person who is hard to please, but once you found some of the best Christmas gifts for dads, he may be increasing your allowance as a way of saying his thank-you.

Dad can understand that because you are just a kid, you are working on a tight budget saved out from your allowance. There is really no need to spend much money to get anything from what stores advertise as the best Christmas gifts for dads. If you start now, you may be able to present something to your dad that can be a great source of joy to him when he found out what your kiddie hands were busy with during the season.

Personalized Coffee Mugs

Most dads love to drink coffee and probably your dad is not an exemption. Creating a personalized coffee mug is something a kid like you can do to give your dad this Christmas. Buy a blank mug in the favorite color of your dad together with some ceramic paints. Make your own design and write phrases that speak of how much you care about your father or words to describe him. Seal the mug with varnish when the paint is completely dried. Your dad is sure to love not only the personalized mug but also the effort you put in making it. The mug serves to remind him of your thoughtful ways every time he uses it to drink coffee not only during the Christmas season but also throughout the year.

Make Your Dad A Scrapbook

You can make a scrapbook by collecting pictures of dad’s solo pictures or him with the family. You may choose pictures taken during important events in his life or during those memorable family vacations. You may also compose short poems and write down short notes expressing how much you love him and how much you appreciate all the things he does for the family. Work along the Christmas theme by cutting out popular Christmas symbols such as snowflakes, snowman, Christmas trees, or balls. You may ask your siblings to help you in making the scrapbook.


If your dad deals with lots of paper works, a handmade paperweight is just the ideal Christmas gift for him. You can make one that can also serve as his portrait or a family picture. Look for a flat rock and wash it thoroughly. When it dries, paint the rock with a color that matches your dad’s skin tone and wait for it to dry. Use glue to place the strands of yarn to serve as hair. Paint in the facial features with black waterproof marker.

Picture Frame

Any father loves to look at the pictures of his children. To make this habit more enjoyable for your dad, create a special frame where he can put his favorite family picture. Trace the shape of a frame and glue Popsicle sticks on it. Decorate it with the jolly theme of Christmas by putting glitters and sticking Christmas symbols on it. Write a personal message or a poem dedicated to your dad at the back of the frame.

To wake up Dad on Christmas day, you may present him with Christmas basket full of goodies, which you prepared beforehand. Serve him his favorite breakfast treat of pancakes with fried egg and bacon strips and a cup of hot chocolate. Starting Christmas day with a breakfast on bed can make any dad relish the thought that the best Christmas gifts for dads are the loving ways and thoughts that his family devotes to him.

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