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Repeated IVF Failure - Frequent Test-Tube Baby Treatment Failure
IVF failure – causes, reasons, what treatment next ? - Assessment and treatment of repeated implantation failure Recurrent Unexplained IVF Failure - Causes of IVF Failure - Why Does IVF Fail - Fertility Treatments You must remember your 1st consultation with your IVF doctor in which normally IVF doctors will inform you everything about the treatment and its chances of success rate [65%] and failure both.But some patient may not be lucky and reasons can be many.In Some cases the quality of the embryo and genetics will make the big difference specially in older women. Women's Egg Quality can be other reason.Sperm quality is also equally important as sometimes DNA fragmentation and genetics can be culprit for failure. Uterus lining thickness is also important factor for the success of treatment.Even in the worst case you have the options of donor egg and surrogacy as the last options for the couples. We Are Here To Help
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