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Royal Rooster mobile chicken coops are made in Australia and are designed for Australian backyards. They feature aluminium frames, summer ventilation, open floors, handles and wheels for mobility.
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Backyard hens not only provide delicious eggs for your breakfast table, provide fertilizer for your garden and eat your kitchen scraps and weeds - they also make a great 'economical' family pet. Forge...
11.11.2015 · From stNorea7
Foxes and chickens just don't mix. If you're one of those unfortunate owners of backyard chickens who have seen first hand what a fox can do, be sure to fox proof your current chicken coop. It is horr...
11.11.2015 · From stNorea7
Like any pet owner, as an owner of backyard chickens you need to make sure that you do everything necessary to keep your pets healthy. Since the health of your chickens will impact the quantity and qu...
11.11.2015 · From stNorea7
I love backyard chickens but I'm definitely not a fan of mice and rats. Just because you have chickens in your backyard, doesn't mean you also have to have mice or rats in your chicken coop. In most c...
11.11.2015 · From stNorea7
If you are a new owner of backyard chickens, it is likely you have wondered which kitchen scraps are ok to give your chickens and which are best kept for the compost heap. Surprisingly, even if you gi...
11.11.2015 · From stNorea7
If you're thinking of getting backyard chickens, you've no doubt considered if your local council has any rules on keeping a small flock of chickens. Any rules developed by your council are there to k...
11.11.2015 · From stNorea7
Mites and lice are no fun for any type of pet. These tiny creatures even find their way into the backyard chicken coop, affecting the health of your chickens which affect the quantity and quality of e...
11.11.2015 · From stNorea7
If you think chickens are noisy pets, think again. Unlike the barking and meowing that you often hear around the neighbourhood, many people keep chickens in their backyard without their neighbours eve...
01.01.1970 · From stNorea7
Most owners of backyard chickens are familiar with the concept of a 'pecking order' in chicken society. Many people however, do not really understand the effects of adding new chickens to an existing ...
01.01.1970 · From stNorea7
If you search on the Internet or Ebay for a chicken coop, or even visit your local pet store, you'll likely stumble across one of the various styles of timber chicken coops available for sale. Many po...
01.01.1970 · From stNorea7