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I like to travel and visit different places.
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Water based paints are a type of paint that are specially manufactured so that they can be thinned with water itself instead of turpentine. These paints can be easily cleaned with water. Water based p...
22.06.2015 · From wilsont
Interior decoration is a knack that is not particularly difficult, but is quite essential. To each of us, our home is a special place that defines who we are.
13.07.2012 · From wilsont
Interior design is about expressing personality. Decor choice comes down to the mood you would like to create, from neutral to vibrant. It’s easy to find interior design ideas – both magazines and blogs are helpful.
25.06.2012 · From wilsont
Selecting the right colour combinations for your home can turn out to be a tiring task. Once you have zeroed down on the colour schemes for every corner of your home.
20.04.2012 · From wilsont
Spring is the season of fresh beginnings, blooming flowers and celebration of life. The season is most loved by nature lovers as natural beauty is at its best during this time.
28.02.2012 · From wilsont
Home walls too need a well deserved overhaul to add some zing to your abode. By simply getting your walls painted in colour shades that are lively and convey your perspective towards life, you can change the way your home environment looks and feels.
13.12.2011 · From wilsont
Before getting on to your home painting job selection of a paint type is necessary. The 2 major choices available for home painters are of oil and acrylic emulsions. Out of the two, acrylic emulsions are a largely preferred paint choice.
16.11.2011 · From wilsont
At some point of time all of us plan to get our homes painted. We browse the Internet and search for the best quality paints, effects and colours for our walls. In this process an often neglected topic is the type of paint. The two most commonly used paints are; oil based and water based paints. Bot…
09.11.2011 · From wilsont
Well coloured home create an ambience of their own and are no less than piece of art. To make your walls look lively and convey your ideologies it is best to make use of colours. With the vast colour paint choices available it is now easy to have walls that speak volumes about your taste. All you ne…
28.10.2011 · From wilsont
Interior design ideas that follow a theme can convert your house into an experience to come home to after a long day at work. The relaxing atmosphere of an island getaway or the energy of a night club...
01.01.1970 · From wilsont