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Are you an ardent golfer who rents a cart at the golf course? Well, you might just be paying more than what you would have paid to buy your own golf car. Here is why buying used golf cars make a lot of financial sense.


1. Save BIG: Let’s do the math. Say, you play golf four days a week and your golf course charges you $20 for a cart rental. That’s $3840 a year. You can get a used golf car in good condition for about $2000!



Further, a brand new club car can cost you about $15000 plus what you spend on pricy golf car accessories. Instead if you buy a used golf car, you can enjoy the same luxury at half the original price. Also a decent passed down golf car can easily run for 8 years or more. You can expect a terrific saving of about 50% or more.


2. Gas price on rise: Buying a new club car at a huge cost plus the ever rising gas prices might bog you down. Continuing the same example, on choosing to buy used golf car you have made a big savings. You have enough to pay for the gas expenses. If you are on budget, used golf cars certainly fits the bill.


3. Maintenance costs won’t give you hiccups: Perhaps the biggest myth about used vehicles is that you need to spend a lot of money on their repairs. That’s not always true. Whether you buy a used golf car or a new one, you will have to invest in its regular maintenance.


Yet you can avoid heavy costs on repairing and replacing golf car parts by buying from a reliable golf car dealer. Further, it would be wise to take a trusted golf car mechanic’s advice before you make your final choice.


4. Add-ons to your car won’t hurt your pocket: Golf car accessories have truly come off the age. You can turn your humble club car into a fun-rider by choosing from hundreds of interesting golf car accessories and practical golf car parts. Look for golf car dealers in your city who can get you the best price on used golf cars. With the money you save you can invest a piece of it in buying golf car parts and make your golf care more functional.


Without a doubt, where you buy your used golf car from is crucial. So that you get a good value for your money, test-drive the car and check it to your satisfaction.


Happy golfing!!


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