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We'd love to see your content on Knowhow-now.com. We have thousands of members and visitors to the site each day checking out our latest 'knowhow' content.

There's a few rules and guidelines that all guest articles need to follow in order to be published here:

We only publish guest articles from readers and friends of Knowhow-now who have shown their support for us by, for example, following Knowhow-now.com at Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc. or  by posting comments on other articles on Knowhow-Now.

If you would like us to publish your guest article on Knowhow-Now please send an email to: [email protected] with the following: 

  • two sentence biography
  • a link to your own blog - if you have one
  • the headline of your suggested article - to give an idea of what you want to write about.

Article titles should be in the format of 'How To Do Something' or similar (How To, How Can, How Does etc.) and the article will then provide the answer to the question of the title. 

When have reviewed your article idea we will get back to you to start the process.

When preparing your article you should follow these guest article submission guidelines:


Content – All published content should be your own original work and not have been previously published on the Internet. 

Ensure that your article is useful - Include useful hints and tips for readers to use and get benefit from right away.

Readability – Make sure that your post easy to read: use headers, sub-headers and bold text to emphasise a point or sub-divide your article. The use of numbered/bullet pointed lists makes it easy for readers to scan articles and pick out the important points.

Double check your article – Please proofread and edit your article with great care.

Originality – All submitted content should be your original work and be approximately 700 to 1400 words in length.

Guest articles are not compensated - You are welcome to include one or two links to your own blog, social media pages or other URLs however no affiliate links are allowed. This should be done as follows: Provide a two sentence bio/credit at the bottom of your article that begins with your own or pen name and includes one or two links.

If you provide us with a link to a photograph of yourself then we will set up an account page for you on Knowhow-Now which will include your image and bio details in addition to the article credit.

Formatting – We suggest that you write the article as a draft on your own blog. Copy/paste the HTML then send it to us by email ( [email protected] ) as a .txt attachment. Ensure there are no tags specifying size or font. 

If you prefer you can send us the article as a text file attached to an email and we will look after the formatting for you.

Images – Attach up to three relevant images. If the image(s) use the creative commons licence please mention the credits and the link as shown below. 

To find images try using Flickr – use 'Advanced Search', check the box that says 'only search within Creative Commons'. Or add links to suggested Royalty Free images found at this site: http://lo.okat.us

Photo credits – Place photo credits at the end of your article (right after the byline) it should look like this: 

Photo by XXXXXXX.

Photograph format - Minimum 800 pixels wide.

Affiliate links are NOT allowed - please link only to your own blog/site pages or social media pages or channels.

Article Quality - The article should be well researched. You need to proofread your work and make sure it has no errors. We work with Copyscape to verify the originality of your article.

Please include a summary of the article for insertion in the article description and meta description. 180 characters is the maximum length for this.

Publication - Once your guest article is published we will let you know by email. In order to maximise the readership of your work you should do the following:

  • Promote your guest article to your readership and the followers on your own web site or blog and your social media channels.
  • Check-in from time to time to read and respond to comments about your article.

We are excited about working with you and we hope to publish your articles here as soon as you're ready.