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Does The Lemon Juice Diet Recipe Work?

There are as many people vehemently in opposition against the lemon juice diet recipe as there are that praise the lemon juice cleansing diet. Many dietitians and medical practitioners feel that the lemon juice diet recipe is far too extreme a detoxing diet and should not be followed. Others will testify that this diet, often called the master cleansing diet has changed their lives completely.

Tip: Keeping or adding the pulp back in the juice is a good idea to get the most health benefits. Fiber from the removed pulp can provide some nutrients that you need.

The fact remains that many people have used this master cleansing diet over many years. The lemon juice diet recipe has been known to make people lose significant amounts of weight as well. In general juice fasts have been used to detox and to rejuvenate the body by people from all cultures and nationalities. Those that regularly go on juice fasts testify to the great benefits they have derived from it. The best advice for anyone who wants to go on the lemon juice diet recipe is to get as well informed as possible. Use the internet as a resource to gain as much information as possible or read a book on the topic. Once you are fully informed you can make the decision to try the lemon juice diet recipe for yourself or not.

The Recipe Explained

Tip: Are you tired of the same old smoothies? There are many great places to find new ways to prepare your smoothies. Check recipe books in your local grocery, or search for a recipe database on the internet.

The lemon juice diet recipe basically consists of four things; water, freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice, cayenne pepper and organic grade B maple syrup. Each ingredient in this recipe is added specifically and cannot be omitted. Water is vital in the cleansing process and is a must. The lemon or lime juice is what supplies the nutrients in the recipe. The lemon juice also provides much needed vitamin C. Lemon juice is known to have been used for a great many years as a cleansing agent for the body. The cayenne pepper contains capsaicin. This is said to help with the cleansing and digestion and to have a curbing effect on the appetite.

The maple syrup supplies the calories as well as the B vitamins needed by the body. It also sweetens and enhances the taste of the lemon juice diet recipe. People who have used the lemon juice diet recipe regularly have reported rather large weight losses. They also maintain that their bodies feel wonderful. They sleep better, and they have more energy and have an all-over increase of vitality. To add to the positive benefits of the cleansing recipe mixture people often augment it with decaffeinated green tea and mint tea. The two schools of thought against and for the lemon juice diet recipe will probably never come to any agreement. That is why each person must make an informed decision to go on this cleansing diet or not.

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